9 keys to achieving your artistic goals? no! way more!

eric maisel’s new book making your creative mark promises nine keys to achieving your artistic goals. that’s a lie. the book literally chimes and jingles with keys. the last eleven pages alone has 99 of them, for example these 10: one of the best ways to help yourself create every day is to craft a starting… Continue reading 9 keys to achieving your artistic goals? no! way more!

my father

today i didn’t work on a blog post but on the way overdue wikipedia entry for my father, the painter juergen von huendeberg.  for now it’s a draft – what do you think?  here it is, and here is one of his pieces of art – a collage. {{newpage}} Juergen von Huendeberg (aka Hans-Otto Maximilian… Continue reading my father

suicide and … what? do words make sense here?

i’m sitting here checking my email after a lovely weekend away. my daughter is doing the dishes to hedley’s “for the nights i can’t remember”. my husband is exercising on the Wii. and i just opened an email from an artists’ email list i belong to. norm tucker, a fellow vancouver artist and writer, committed… Continue reading suicide and … what? do words make sense here?

a buddhist carnival – 7th edition, part 1

welcome to the may 2008 edition of a buddhist carnival. this time around, we got another really good selection of articles. i don’t want to throw too much information at you – that wouldn’t be very buddhist, would it? – so i’ll present the carnival in two parts again. part 2 will arrive some time… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 7th edition, part 1

creativity: the murky mind

this is the first in a series of blog conversations about creativity with jeremy of PsyBlog, one of the leading psychology blogs. in a post in january, jeremy wrote how do great artists create? how do brilliant scientists solve the hardest problems in their field? listen to them try to explain and you’ll probably be… Continue reading creativity: the murky mind

homelessness and mental health

i recently found out that my friend aaron zacharias wrote an article on mental health and homelessness. you can find it at heretohelp, an e-zine dedicated to mental health. the article shows very clearly how mental health and homelessness interact. tenuous mental health, especially when coupled with adverse events such as divorce, workplace accidents, or,… Continue reading homelessness and mental health