is tweeting about omid reza misayafi a negative thing?

the other day, an interesting discussion took place on twitter. i tweeted a link to the death in prison of omid reza misayafi, the iranian blogger who had been sentenced to three years in prison for blogging in ways that the iranian government found threatening. one of my fellow tweeters found that this was a… Continue reading is tweeting about omid reza misayafi a negative thing?

a writing retreat

i’m terribly, terribly behind in expressing my gratitude to some of the wonderful acknowledgments i have received in the last year. let me start making a little dent by telling you about joanna young’s ideal writing weekend competition. the guidelines were tell us about the ingredients of your ideal writing weekend. that might be a… Continue reading a writing retreat

last minute invitation to the blogathon

the serious countdown to the blogathon has started. it’s all i can think of (i didn’t even write a frozen pea post today!) as of this writing, it’s 10 hours until i post my first entry, at 5 am tomorrow morning. then 24 hours of blogging, posting an article every 30 minutes. yikes! i wonder… Continue reading last minute invitation to the blogathon

mental health, cancer and art

this is my first peopleized interview. peopleized is a site where you can find people to interview, offer yourself for interviews, and post interviews, which are then available for anyone to use. neat concept. [update on september 2009: that site doesn’t seem to alive anymore] it’s friday, so of course this is a frozen pea… Continue reading mental health, cancer and art

dave olson: blogging and creativity

northern voice was a wonderful experience. as nancy white said northern voice is a living community indicator and lives in the culture of love. where else can you find the intersection of geekdom and love? i’ll be blogging about nancy’s and other people’s sessions in the days to come. today i want to tell you… Continue reading dave olson: blogging and creativity

progressive dinner is served!

ok, here we go! the long awaited progressive dinner blog carnival! what’s a progressive dinner? you start out at one house or restaurant to have hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, then move on to a different one for appetizers, and continue moving from place to place all the way through dessert. our good man kilroy figured… Continue reading progressive dinner is served!

practical creativity

so i was going to tell you about my favourite list post from the litemind group writing project. it’s zara’s 6 steps to take writing ideas from wordpress themes. i like it so much because it shows practical creativity at its best: she takes something that usually sits in the background (a blog design) and… Continue reading practical creativity

4 reasons why we like lists

write lists, write lists, that’s what every blogger is told. what is it that we find so fascinating about lists? i tried to find some research on that but can’t come up with anything so far. hm. let’s ask some academics who might know: john suler, famous for his psychology of cyberspace studies; chris from… Continue reading 4 reasons why we like lists