happy birthday bob marley!

today is bob marley’s birthday. listen to him and chances are you won’t need therapy. listen to his sweetness and be comforted; to his rebel music and be roused; to his odes to jah and be lifted to a place that belongs to everyone. for valentine’s day that’s coming up soon, one of his love… Continue reading happy birthday bob marley!

freedom, redemption and inspiration

one of the people to whom i passed on my “brilliant blog” award, sojourner, has a meme, sunday inspirations. similar to wordless wednesday, it’s a day of the week dedicated to a theme. it was created in honor of sojourner’s mother and is just one way to help get us through the week ahead, the… Continue reading freedom, redemption and inspiration

remembrance day songs for 2007

a few days from now is remembrance day – november 11 here in canada, when we remember our soldiers in the war. and when we imagine a future without war. i know, it sounds crazy. just this morning i was reading about paul tibbets, the man who threw the atomic bomb on hiroshima and who… Continue reading remembrance day songs for 2007