buddhist carnival – april 2010

it’s been two years now, i think, that i’ve been starting the buddhist carnival with a poem. this one i found when i was rooting around the buddhasphere in connection with the post on mice, death and neuroticism. when i first found the poem, i didn’t really want to post it. it starts like this… Continue reading buddhist carnival – april 2010

of mice, death and neuroticism

what a nice surprise! two years ago i asked a question on louise m. brookes’ blog and today she replied. louise teaches bushcraft and wilderness survival, and blogs about building your own renewable energy systems, sustainable technology as well as personal development, fitness and health. she had said death makes all of our attempts at… Continue reading of mice, death and neuroticism

march 2009 buddhist carnival – in reverse

roses are blooming on the rosebush. there is nothing strange. the flower blooms silently and falls quietly without sound, never again to return to its branch. her total existence is expressed in that one moment. one place on the branch. that is the voice of the flower, the truth of the single flower on the… Continue reading march 2009 buddhist carnival – in reverse

love and timelessness

some notes on love from deepak chopra’s ageless body, timeless mind: passion and commitment, love and dedication, self-worth and fulfillment – all are born in Being; they are qualities of the essential self that blossoms when you are free from narrow attachments moments of nonattachment are characterized by perceiving the inner world as an open… Continue reading love and timelessness

hungry, thirsty, confused – and dead

last sunday, a man was killed at the vancouver airport. robert dziekanski died after he was tasered by police at vancouver international airport. police say he was agitated, screaming, shaking and throwing things. he had been at the airport for 10 hours. i have no idea what exactly happened in this situation but it is… Continue reading hungry, thirsty, confused – and dead