goals, learning and contracts

after my post about small and SMART goals on garfield’s blog, i got inspired to write another one at brainblogger about the pitfalls and benefits of goal setting, this time taking a bit more of an academic slant. larry ferlazzo took up that post and talked about goal setting in the classroom. it made me… Continue reading goals, learning and contracts

the dalai lama in vancouver

last week i had the pleasure again to see the dalai lama. the topic of the talk was women and peacebuilding. i’d like to share with you my notes, taken down as closely as possible in his delightful language. this is the third time i’ve seen the dalai lama. one of the things that i… Continue reading the dalai lama in vancouver

taking a stand: what does it take to make a difference?

my last post was inspired by the 20th anniversary of the tiananmen square massacre. in it i was musing about what it takes to stand up against whatever oppression we’re experiencing, be it political or in a smaller social environment. making that decision marie reflected: “i guess it’s a matter of deciding what is more… Continue reading taking a stand: what does it take to make a difference?

collaborative learning

now i’m at a session on collaborative learning by michael yue and maria starosta. more live blogging! some of the impetus for this session came from the philosophers café projects “collaborative learning is better than learning by yourself” presenter not an authority; he may have taken a bit more time to look into the topic… Continue reading collaborative learning

stand up against poverty

as promised, a video about poverty every day this week – blog action day week. this one is a moving piece from last year’s day against poverty. again, i want to take this opportunity and both thank some people who have been good to me, and also shamelessly use this linkbait to draw everyone’s attention… Continue reading stand up against poverty

one web day: democracy and open source

today is onewebday. from their site: onewebday is an earth day for the internet. the idea behind onewebday is to focus attention on a key internet value (this year, online participation in democracy), focus attention on local internet concerns (connectivity, censorship, individual skills), and create a global constituency that cares about protecting and defending the… Continue reading one web day: democracy and open source

blogathon: what happened to SFU’s seniors’ program??

it used to be when you turned 60, you could go to university for free. a wonderful tradition and one that, i’m sure, didn’t cost the university very much at all. and then one day … well, read on. this is a letter to the editor by my friend ruth. on january 1, 2008, i… Continue reading blogathon: what happened to SFU’s seniors’ program??

blogathon: they’re all fighting the good fight

us vancouver bloggers aren’t the only ones who are participating in the blogathon. thanks to the wonderful organizing powers of day of blogs, people all over the internet are fighting the good fight and blogging for causes. here they are: animal rights trish is blogging for bay state equine rescue . stacie is blogging for… Continue reading blogathon: they’re all fighting the good fight

transformative learning: making the world a better place

i’m really taking you guys for a ride here. compassion, families, spamming buddhists – and now a little bit of educational research. i guess in my minds it all hangs together: it’s all about how people make a better life for themselves, and a better world for everyone. so … today we have part three… Continue reading transformative learning: making the world a better place

learning. seriously.

okay, it’s fall, everyone back to school! dave has tagged me for a meme to develop some classes. here is the first one: (and an apology to my readers for the temporary appearance of this blog. this will change!) confucius on confusion 121 you’ve taken a philosophy course back in … when was it again… Continue reading learning. seriously.