understanding parents

a few semi random musings on parents … through my parents, a lot of challenges came my way. but through them, i also learned how to build the tools to overcome those challenges. for example, creativity was highly encouraged. parents irrevocably shape most of the way we view the world. some of that can be… Continue reading understanding parents

a buddhist carnival – june 2008, part 2

here, friends, is the second part of this month’s buddhist carnival. the first part is here. enjoy! forgiveness andrew, on his blog rants of a gay lunatic (i have to confess that such a title immediately makes me perk up my ears) does not directly mention buddhism in his article why we must forgive president… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – june 2008, part 2

mental health week: empowerment in the workplace

yesterday i had a wonderful conversation with dr. matthew b. james about the hawaiian spiritual system of huna. since this is national mental health week and the focus of this year’s mental health week is workplace mental health, i asked him about huna in the workplace. what is huna? first of all, what is huna?… Continue reading mental health week: empowerment in the workplace

a buddhist carnival – february 2008 (part 2)

good morning! here is part 2 of the february 2008 edition of a buddhist carnival. enlightenment two people speak on this topic. matthew spears presents an interesting contemplation on the nature of enlightenment. among others, he compares three concepts of enlightenment. he argues that enlightenment is a perception and “because it is a perception, from… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – february 2008 (part 2)

a gallery of compassion

you may remember that a little while ago, i participated in the compassion project put together by the three monks. we were all asked about presenting our unique thoughts, definitions and views of compassion. i wrote about compassion and social media. this group writing project has come to an end. i’d like to present to… Continue reading a gallery of compassion