links: psychology, morality, social media and dogs

in my long-suffering attempts to organize my internet life better, i’m going to see what it’s like if i post the occasional link article.  so here’s a stroll through the links open on august 1, with the first paragraph of each post so that you can get an idea what it’s all about.  you may… Continue reading links: psychology, morality, social media and dogs

haiku people

blossoms, grass, wind – i inhale with all my pores this rich april night i’m not the only one writing haiku these days. disordered cosmos does, too, describing her (his?) PhD, the metaphoratorium has something to say about the rosetta stone, and these people do it all backwards.

poetry, meaning and ‘arse dribble’

today, i’d like to serve you up – arse dribble! that’s what stephen fry calls experimental poetry. don’t worry, there’s more on the menu. jim murdoch over at the truth about lies has a good post on poetry and meaning, where he lays out two styles of experimental poetry – ‘decoder ring’ and ‘the emperor’s… Continue reading poetry, meaning and ‘arse dribble’