journaling – what works for you?

today, please visit marie at coming out of the trees.    about her blog she says i’m passing along a collection of excerpts from my personal and therapy journals to whomever needs to read them. i’m sharing my story so that those of you who are on a similar journey can know that you aren’t the… Continue reading journaling – what works for you?

why we write

my little workshop for MentalHealthCamp, “blogging yourself home” about blogging, writing, creativity and mental health had me think hard about the connection between these topics in the last week or so. i was deligthed, then, to come across alison, who blogs (and teaches) about writing about mental health. in this post, she asks why do… Continue reading why we write

the intensive journal process

i haven’t written anything about journaling for a while, so i was very pleased when i got an offer to write a paid review for the progoff intensive journal® program. it was a particularly nice surprise because i actually own ira progoff’s at a journal workshop, the basic text and guide for using the intensive… Continue reading the intensive journal process

blogathon: my ideal writing weekend, part 4

oh boy, i thought i was going to write much more here in my report on my ideal writing weekend, but i was just so absorbed in what happened that i never got around to it. so this will be my last entry. it’s monday evening, and we’ve had an abso-friggin-lutely unforgettable 3 ½ days.… Continue reading blogathon: my ideal writing weekend, part 4

be playful? here are 7 ideas

recently, i discovered a new blog, and i immediately – what’s the word? – glommed on to it., that’s the name, and it says it all. i was able to persuade david to write a post for change therapy. here it is: i love being playful. being playful helps me to relax, to laugh… Continue reading be playful? here are 7 ideas

a fun and crazy writing experiment

do you sometimes feel like you really don’t get where you’re at? like you’re stuck in some confusing, chaotic morass of dreams, demands, moments of joy, feelings of depression? if you have a journal, here’s a fun tool you can use that might just open a new door for you. take an old entry that… Continue reading a fun and crazy writing experiment

recovering from anorexia: a treasure trove of wisdom

last year, i had a post entitled recovering from anorexia: 10 activities. over the months, we’ve had some important conversations on that post and a lot of wisdom from people who are overcoming anorexia. i’d like to present this wisdom here in a somewhat organized and easy-to-read format. these are all things that have helped… Continue reading recovering from anorexia: a treasure trove of wisdom