goals, learning and contracts

after my post about small and SMART goals on garfield’s blog, i got inspired to write another one at brainblogger about the pitfalls and benefits of goal setting, this time taking a bit more of an academic slant. larry ferlazzo took up that post and talked about goal setting in the classroom. it made me… Continue reading goals, learning and contracts

collaborative learning

now i’m at a session on collaborative learning by michael yue and maria starosta. more live blogging! some of the impetus for this session came from the philosophers café projects “collaborative learning is better than learning by yourself” presenter not an authority; he may have taken a bit more time to look into the topic… Continue reading collaborative learning

thinking differently about success, failure and learning

a few weeks ago i wrote a blog post, the scrunchie challenge, where i felt inspired by a post at monk at work to change a habit. i said i was going to keep a scrunchie on my wrist for three weeks, to remind me to ground myself whenever i wasn’t experiencing my body enough.… Continue reading thinking differently about success, failure and learning

learning. seriously.

okay, it’s fall, everyone back to school! dave has tagged me for a meme to develop some classes. here is the first one: (and an apology to my readers for the temporary appearance of this blog. this will change!) confucius on confusion 121 you’ve taken a philosophy course back in … when was it again… Continue reading learning. seriously.