questions, koans

sometimes asking the right questions is what turns a problem around. and often making the questions as precise as possible is a good thing. i’m going to take the liberty of using one of raul’s posts. he asked, “why can’t i sometimes help the people i love the most?”  (by the way – read it.… Continue reading questions, koans

success in 2009 – 3rd and final post

what was your biggest non-monetary success this year? i asked this question on twitter, LinkedIn and facebook. this is post #3 – the first instalment is here, and the second here. (the ones with the @ denote twitter names). @dorylanenter: new friendships i made joanna poppink: transforming my front garden into a gorgeous, free chi… Continue reading success in 2009 – 3rd and final post

resentments, eckhart tolle and the present

“my parents should have never let me go to that camp for a whole two weeks when i was six.” “i should have taken better care of my hamster.” “my boyfriend dumped me for my cousin. i’ll never forgive her for that.” “i wish my wife wouldn’t have talked me into buying that honda. the… Continue reading resentments, eckhart tolle and the present

understanding parents

a few semi random musings on parents … through my parents, a lot of challenges came my way. but through them, i also learned how to build the tools to overcome those challenges. for example, creativity was highly encouraged. parents irrevocably shape most of the way we view the world. some of that can be… Continue reading understanding parents

carnival of eating disorders #20

this month’s carnival of eating disorders is hosted by laura collins at are you eating with your anorexic? please visit, she has done a fantastic job – she’s turned it into an actual carnival! next month’s will be here again, on october 31 – yes, the hallowe’en issue. if you have an article about any… Continue reading carnival of eating disorders #20