buddhist carnival: april 2009, poetry month

the 15th, buddhist carnival time. it’s april, poetry month, so i’ll post only poems and poetry-related articles. from last month’s montreal zen poetry festival i longed to visit the eastern cliff countless years until today i finally grabbed a vine and climbed but halfway there met mist and wind the trail was too narrow for… Continue reading buddhist carnival: april 2009, poetry month

emily dickinson for sunday tea

for a leisurely sunday delight, please visit my friend ashok’s blog and a looong discussion of an emily dickinson poem – this one: i could suffice for him, i knew – he – could suffice for me – yet hesitating fractions – both surveyed infinity – “would i be whole” he sudden broached – my… Continue reading emily dickinson for sunday tea

poetry, meaning and ‘arse dribble’

today, i’d like to serve you up – arse dribble! that’s what stephen fry calls experimental poetry. don’t worry, there’s more on the menu. jim murdoch over at the truth about lies has a good post on poetry and meaning, where he lays out two styles of experimental poetry – ‘decoder ring’ and ‘the emperor’s… Continue reading poetry, meaning and ‘arse dribble’

another frozen pea friday

last week i asked out loud, why is it that i keep writing about cancer? when i don’t understand something, i sometimes write a poem or two. then i let it sit, and some time afterwards, it’s possible that the world makes a little more sense to me. so i wrote these three little poems.… Continue reading another frozen pea friday

thanks, violeta

the other day, i came across pensieve, who is challenging the blogosphere to come up with a thanksgiving limerick. since i’ve been digging back into my chilean songs lately, i came up with this harebrained idea of trying to turn violeta parra’s gracias a la vida into a limerick. it doesn’t do justice to violeta’s… Continue reading thanks, violeta