health month

for the month of october, i’ve played something called healthmonth. it is a fun, useful and well-thought-out site where you can establish health rules you’d like to follow and then keep track of how you’re doing. from the site: health month is all about designing your own health rules, and then trying to stick to… Continue reading health month

a song for anorexia

this week is eating disorders week.  to start it off, here is a song one of my twitter contacts wrote for someone who was struggling with this difficult, often life threatening disorder (the fourth song, “you are not alone”) and the lyrics: you are not alone music & lyrics by bob gray © october 22,… Continue reading a song for anorexia

taking a stand: what does it take to make a difference?

my last post was inspired by the 20th anniversary of the tiananmen square massacre. in it i was musing about what it takes to stand up against whatever oppression we’re experiencing, be it political or in a smaller social environment. making that decision marie reflected: “i guess it’s a matter of deciding what is more… Continue reading taking a stand: what does it take to make a difference?

recovering from anorexia: anorexia talk

if i’d have to separate out the most frequently used word to find this blog, it’s “anorexia”. phrases like “anorexia article”, “anorexia symptoms” and “recovery from anorexia” bring people to this blog over and over again. recovering from anorexia: 10 activities is consistently in the most read 10 articles. so there’s a lot of need… Continue reading recovering from anorexia: anorexia talk

13 encouraging questions

“never mind the answers – just ask the right questions!” this is so true. last sunday i participated in a conference, dream vancouver, intended to encourage citizens to articulate their visions and hopes for an even better vancouver. the main process of the conference was organized around appreciative inquiry. appreciative inquiry is a philosophy and… Continue reading 13 encouraging questions