at hycroft

i am here at hycroft, the lovely, lovely 100-year-old home of the university women’s club of vancouver. my friend MJ ankenmann had invited some vancouver bloggers to join her in the unveiling of a painting in honour of the many 100-year events that will happen here in 2011. just now i interviewed donalda falconer, who… Continue reading at hycroft

family life – a fantasy

she opens the door. “laura hapley?” “yes …. ?” “and wally hapley?” “yes. and you are … ?” he is 6’6″, broad shouldered, dressed in thick leather from boots to gloves. “could i speak to mr. hapley, as well, please?” “he is busy right now. what is this about?” she glances towards a door in… Continue reading family life – a fantasy

digging for a voice

what follows are excerpts from an essay i wrote in 1995 on women in philosophy, and how women’s voices often speak more to the particular (i.e. real life examples and experiences) rather than the general. it is interesting to look back on it, to see what’s still the case, and what has changed. in the… Continue reading digging for a voice

a mystery about weight and shame: two weeks under

here’s another book i read recently – two weeks under, by rivka tadjer. doing these book reviews reminds me a bit of my aunt. she loved buying clothes but she’d often get sick of them real quick, and then she’d ask me if i wanted them. she was 40 years older than i so –… Continue reading a mystery about weight and shame: two weeks under

disfigured: anorexia, obesity and a friendship

reviews seem to be the theme these days. here’s a video i was sent – disfigured. i wonder who shouldn’t watch it. one-track-mind rambo fans, perhaps. people who can’t stand delving into other people’s psyches. those who don’t like sex scenes on screen, no matter how elegantly presented. and if you don’t like watching people… Continue reading disfigured: anorexia, obesity and a friendship