Picture of Isabella Mori, counsellor, therapist, psychotherapisthi, and thanks for dropping by. i’m a counsellor, coach and psychotherapist in vancouver, canada.

i’ve been working in the field of mental health, counselling, psychotherapy and movement therapy for 19 years and enjoy helping people build better lives.

you can find out more information by browsing through this site, by contacting me (below) or by finding out more about my services.

if you’re curious about how i do this, you can reach me for a free 30-minute consultation by emailing me at moritherapy at shaw dot ca

take good care of yourself, and have a wonderful day!

isabella mori
counselling in vancouver

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  1. just someone

    i randomly came across your blog. i have dealt with depression, anxiety, self-harm, an eating disorder..and more..crap..for too many years.

    i am only 23..

    anyway..i find it strange..but kind of neat..that a therapist would actually have a blog.

    my therapist..sometimes seems non-human to me. too professional..

    take care.

  2. Amy

    I was led to your blog because you referenced an entry in my blog on anorexia… wanted to thank you for the reference, and say that it looks like you have good things going on here!

  3. wisdom

    looks like you have being going strong for a while with your blog, I just found it through google by searching for money.co.uk + John Chow….. not your typical keywords one would think to find this site, interesting

  4. Lola Snow

    Hi Isabella,
    Re: comment you left on my blog. You certainly didn’t come on too strong at all. You are totally right about elements of my self being recovery driven Lola! I know in my heart that this current Way of Living, is just existing. Its so bizarre to hold two conflicting opinions of equal strength at the same time. it makes it very clear as to why people imagine their eating disorder to be another character in it’s own right. it is so helpful to have comments like this to look back on. and remind myself that there is another way to live. Thanks so much for your time. I will certainly consider writing something for you in the future.
    Good Thoughts

    Lola Snow’s last blog post..To Binge, or Not to Binge

  5. Steve

    As a fellow therapist, I am delighted to come across your blog. I found you through my Alltop account. Thanks for adding so much value, and for modeling the way for me to ‘be’ online.

  6. isabella mori

    hi rachel

    movement therapy is a type of bodywork that aims at goals such as stress relief and dealing with trauma. in this modality, the body talks, rather than the head. indeed, the integration of left and right, head and heart, are very much at the core of movement therapy. the type of movement therapy i used to practice is called TRAGER. web site: http://www.trager.com/approach.html

  7. Amyra

    Great content. An excellent resource for those who are in need of support – very accessible and I like your friendly approach.

    I am a therapist with a personal interest in body image issues, depression and spirituality – so I’m thrilled to have found your site.

    I’ve included you in my blogroll.

    Congratulations on the work you do.


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  9. thepea

    I’ve been in recovery for anorexia for over a year. I’ve recently lost some weight again and I’m finding that I can hardly stay awake after I eat any “normal” amounts of food. I hate this. This didn’t really happen except in the beginning with refeeding. Is my body just so messed up that if I lose it will revert to this method of trying to retain calories?

  10. isabella mori (@moritherapy)

    debbie, yes, there is a big expressive arts community in vancouver. the answer to your question is a lukewarm “no”. lukewarm because i just finished writing a little poem about what i feel many clients experience. you might recognize it 🙂

    am better when i don’t
    brighter when you won’t
    am lighter but i can’t
    smarter but he shan’t
    but – when – don’t
    shan’t – won’t – can’t
    can’t, can’t, can’t
    when better times –

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  12. Laura

    I just found your site. You have some great content. It was interesting that I had never heard of movement therapy before. In your opinion, would that work well for a woman suffering from postpartum depression?

  13. Anna

    Hi, Isabella.
    Great blog, really interesting.

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    Thank you! Sorry for an inconveniece.

  14. Tina.counsellormelbourne

    you have one great blog here. you are offering people with a lot of helpful information without them having to pay a visit at the therapists office. well this doesn’t mean that the blog alone can substitute a personal consultation with an expert but what you’re doing here is really good. Kudos to that.

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