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counselling in vancouver officeHello! My name is Isabella Mori, and I’m a psychotherapist.

Listening to people’s stories
A while ago, someone asked me what I did for a living, and I told them. They said, “oh, that must be so difficult … listening to people’s problems all day long …” somewhat to my own surprise, I just smiled and said, “I don’t listen to people’s problems. I listen to their stories.”

The knowledge and experience I have gained in over 14 years of counselling and psychotherapy mixes well with my creative side. Accompanying my clients on their journey is a creative act. I see this journey as weaving together the strands of our spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and material aspects, to form a cohesive story.

I want to help people have a good life story. Rather than following someone else’s script or a script from the past that is not useful anymore, I help my clients write and follow their own script, make their own story.

Respect, strength, support
People who work with me say that they like my supportive and respectful style that makes room for all their experiences, from deep sorrow to anger to the wonder that comes from opening the gift of our dreams. They have also told me that they gain strength as I encourage and support them in finding and implementing workable solutions to the challenges they find in their lives.

Good service and a comfortable place to talk
My practice is there for you. I see it as a service, just as any other service. Sometimes we need a plumber, sometimes we need a hairdresser, sometimes it just feels good to have our nails done … well, and sometimes a counsellor helps.

So I want you to feel comfortable. You can see me at my South Vancouver office, or we can arrange for online counselling (also called virtual counselling – using the internet and/or the telephone).

Please drop me a line at moritherapy ( a t ) shaw ( d o t ) ca or call me at 604-618-0830.

What happens at a session?
I begin most sessions by finding out what is currently working for you, how you are already helping yourself, and we build on that. I rarely end a session without asking what was useful or asking, “so where do you want to go from here?”

You deserve good service. Therefore, I base a good deal of what I do on existing research about therapy effectiveness.

Improvement in therapy
Research shows that the effectiveness of counselling can often be predicted from improvement within the first four sessions. Therefore, at the end of the fourth session, I go over what we have done so far to see how much your life has improved and to plan where to go from there. If it turns out that I am not the best person for continuing therapeutic work, I do my best to refer you to a more appropriate service.

Your support system
Research shows that in order for you to create a better life, nothing is more important than to identify, amplify and support your everyday resources. This is why I work in a completely client-centered way, realizing that what I do is of a supportive nature; I do not “cure” you. Rather, I help you improve your life (and enhance those areas that are already quite good!)

Good rapport
Research shows that a good rapport between clients and their counsellors is essential. This is why it is important to me that we like each other. That does not mean that we always have to be “nice” to each other but it does mean that we enjoy each others’ company, that I show you that your progress is important to me, and that I will do whatever it takes to assist you.

One of the ways I do that is by realizing that seeing a counsellor is touchy and vulnerable. Just as you take risks in opening your heart and mind to me, I am also willing to take risks with you, for example by sharing some of my life experience with you if and when that is helpful.

The importance of expectation
Research shows that positive expectations, or hope, is one of the four most important ingredients in effective psychotherapy. My fierce belief that there is hope for absolutely everyone and that everyone has something very valuable to offer is one of the tools that I bring into our sessions.

When our sessions are over, I make sure that I follow up on your progress and keep in touch with you as long as that is comfortable for you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions about how I conduct our sessions.

Who are my clients?
I work with adults from all walks of life. Some of them are small business owners, others are artists, teachers or educators; some of my clients work in the non-profit sector. I have also assisted immigrants who are working on getting comfortable with Canadian culture. A number of my clients are members of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered (GLBT) community.

My clients want to work with a counsellor who treats them with utmost respect – but also with a sense of humour (that’s because they themselves tend to have a great sense of humour!). They want to improve their lives for themselves but also because they know that by having a better life, they can be more effective in making this world a better place.

If there’s something in your life that could go better, write me or give me a call at 604-618-0830.

Take good care,

Isabella Mori
Counselling in Vancouver

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  1. Cindy

    I have a pain problem in many areas. No doctor seems to know what it is yet? I have to wait 6 months each time to see a new doctor. If I am out of money I have to cancel the out of town apointments. I wonder why my family doctor wont give me percocets(sp) for pain as Tylonel 3’s dont help. My mom will give me a lot of her own T3’s and it still doesnt touch it(pain). Im active but hurting all the time. My family doc ignored my question when I asked for T3’s. Of course she left the room without saying yes or no, and said see you next time we visit. I feel weird asking for narcotics when I know the issue the doctors are going through, but I am very tempted to buy off the street if I dont get relief soon. I exercise and work at a pace that is good for me. I use time to myself to relax and think about the ocean. Although the pain is getting worse. I will tell you my symptoms, and maybe you know someone who can give me a few suggestions whats wrong. Maybe its in my head, but I am getting pain that feels like injury’s in places that shouldn’t feel this way if it is in my head. Family history: Mother has reumatory arthrits, and is a diebetic. Father has chronic back spasms. Grandfather has pyriosis. Grandfather2 has diabetes. Grandmother has Multiple Sclorosis.
    I have pyriosis. Chronic 2 yrs ago, but lessened in areas and I have it on my elbows, and scalp now. Everyday I wake up with a bloated face and feel water retention all over my body. It goes away in 4 hrs after waking up. If I sit for long periods my legs fall asleep, or if I stand long, I stiffen up and it hurts to move. Usually takes 1 to 4 open and close joints to feel better. In the AM I wake up aching all over and I am stiff. My children are late 2 days out of 5 each week to school, as it takes me 2 hrs to get them out the door. I cant work anymore, in the AM, only after I can get up and move. The hospital diagnosed me with carpul tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and arm. they suggested steroid shots but my doctor said she doesnt like them and didnt give me anything for the pain. I cried for days as my feelings were hurt, and it was something else to add to my pain. I still cry and I try not too, cause its not going to make it any better. I’d say I am very cold more then I was 3 yrs ago. I throb every where, depending what part of my body I use. If I dont move, the pain lessens, but I have a hard time getting up. I am not a slow typer, and I am getting a spasm in my left side of my back under my shoulder blade, and it feels like a knife poking me. My neck is sore now, and my legs are stiffening too. My arms fall asleep and send sharp pains up each side and its been normal but I still cant ignore it. When I get up after typing I need to stretch, and move, and then I can continue again. Every 10 mins. All my joints pop and crack, and it hurts also when it makes all those sounds. The calcium test done on my bones came out normal. So osteo is out. My fingers curl up if I relax, so I have to keep them moving and force them out of a lock if I am holding something for long periods of time. I get throbbing in my muscles, hips alot too. The pain feels like it is deep inside, not on any part piticular. Its hard to descibe. My feet and toes, and ankles hurt when I have to lean on them. Its been 2 mins now and I need to stretch again. My right and left knees feel like they popped out of joint recently, but my right knee locked up at night and I scream with agony. My sister tells me I cry in my sleep, when I stayed at her house for a week for support when I get down with this pain. The doctor said I might have pyritcarthritis but needs proof I have pyriosis. My family doc still hasn’t ordered a skin graph, even though another doctor said yup it is pyrosis, and perscribed me cream. So the specialist needs a report in details that I have pyryosis. Back and forth the doctors go with me. Still no one has given me a proper diagnosis, or anything to help me with pain.Stretching again, its been 3 mins. I am mad that there is pain releif that would help me in the AM and make my life a little easier so I can get my kids ready for school, and go to work fulltime. No one cares that I need to work, and provide for my kids, who depend on me solely. Single parenting with far away family is immpossible to cope with when you could work if you had some pain releif. What do I do? I would love to know or have a suggestive diagnosis.
    If you can help me in any way, I’d appreciate it. As living in Owen Sound, there seems to be a non narcotic policy at the local hospital too! I can’t even change doctors, when there is a shortage of them. How can I get a perscription for something to help me. My kids need me, and I dont want them to grow up thinking their mom can’t support them. Welfare can’t help me either, I make over the basic allowance to apply. But my income is low, especially with 4 children to support and no daddy to help support.
    Hope you know or have an idea. A referral to someone here in Ontario, would be appreciated.
    Seems Owen Sound has a drug rehab facility/Methedone place and the medical teams are taking extraordinary percautions. Its like a bad apple ruined the whole barrel. I hope someone can help me soon!

  2. Complete Drugs


    I am 21 years old. My problem is I am always in depression. My heart always worried about any thing which i don’t know. When i am very much anxious i hear loud music. Please guide me what do i do ?

  3. cindy c c

    First of all, from my past experiences, i had to research on the internet all about my health. So you might want to find out by doing questionaires, about your symptoms, of depression, or anxiety. Medication from a doctor is helpfull but expensive, but if you need fuel to start your body then medication especially for depression or anxiety is extremely helpfull to get you going on the right track. Later if necessary you can stop the medications. You can also look into herbal meds, which i have been told works just as effectively. If you know the difference between reality or fiction, then its a good start to know what you see or hear is or isn’t real, which helps you try and ignore those symptoms you have. Positive thinking is a good thing to read about, and you can research that too on the internet. The more you think negative the worse you get if you suffer from anxiety or depression, because you focus on the bad and not the good. Then you make your symptoms worse. Sometimes writing a small goal on paper for the next day and trying to finish it, will help you think about the goal and nothing else, which may make u think about good thoughts an not bad thoughts. Its a slow start, but list making has always helped me think positive, and helps with happier thoughts. Try any of these suggestions, and tell me how things went. Love to hear from you, and im not a doctor, but I have read and talked with alot of people who feel similar to what you are going through. Good Luck. I hope this might make you feel better. If there is something else you want to share then feel free to do so.
    Thanks for sharing, and letting me comment on your situation.
    From Cindy C C.

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