recovering from anorexia: 10 activities

what do people do when they start on their recovery from anorexia? here is a list of ten things that those who deal with this eating disorder mention most frequently. these are activities that they themselves decide on. that’s important to keep in mind. if i were to say to one of my clients, “jo, why don’t you cook a nice meal for anne and bob? you could prepare something you like and then have some yourself!”, it would quite possibly backfire. however, i’m happy when a client comes in and tells the story of doing some of these things.

(if you’d like a bit of support with any of this, drop me a line).

1. positive eating, e.g.
meeting up with a friend for lunch, even though it’s scary to eat in public
eating a healthy breakfast (not just a 1/2 cup of dry cereal)
cooking for friends – and participating in the meal afterwards

2. engaging in healthy relationships, e.g.
choosing to go to a movie with a friend rather than staying home surfing the internet
setting boundaries with a sibling
discussing the relationship with a partner or girl/boyfriend

3. walking away from unhealthy eating behaviours, e.g.
no purging
no declining to eat in public
talking to a friend about something that makes you angry rather than starving over it

4. gentle exercise and resting, e.g.
taking a half-hour walk rather than going for a one-hour run
skipping gym for a day
resting when tired, rather than drinking black coffee

5. positive self-talk, e.g.
“i am someone, and beautiful to boost!”
“the world is not a fearful place”
“it’s no big deal. each day is just a chance to try out new things.”

6. honesty, e.g.
not saying “fine!” with a fake smile every time someone asks “how are you”
being totally honest about food with at least one person
not bottling up feelings of fear and ambivalence when having sex

7. doing nice things for yourself, e.g.
getting a long overdue haircut
going shopping for “normal” clothes (not clothes that will hide the body)
just spending a nice day – maybe reading, going to a movie, sleeping in

8. spending quiet time with your feelings, e.g.
creative visualization

9. professional help, e.g.
seeing a psychotherapist
attending group
making that long overdue appointment with the nutritionist

10. positive body image, e.g.
going to the beach in a bathing suit
spending time in front of the mirror
having sex in broad daylight

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235 thoughts on “recovering from anorexia: 10 activities

  1. Hi ,there!
    I’m on recovery from anorexia ,it is really hard !!!!
    it is not just eat and you’ll be fine …it is more than that.
    But what i have noticed is that if for someone in recovery is it normal to think in food all the time? i but mean, no like 24/,but really quite often than before.

  2. shiran- welcome. i had anorexia for a long long time, and bulimia, and ino how hard it is to take that first step. but really what u need to say is, what do i gain from starving myself? the answer is nothing, and starving ur body is slow suicide. there are so many long term and short term risks, u can get from starvation, ur body doesnt deserve it. theres a better life out there, that involves enjoying food. im sure u want to be part of it.
    have u thought about counceling or going to a doctor?

    maroru- welcome! im aliyah, had eating disorders years aand years and recovery is the best thing u will ever do. u will gain back ur life and learn a lot about urself.and yeah it is normal to think about food a lot, because ur actually eating it now, and that can be quite strange to ur mind and body, it will get less . i used to just look foward to meals all the time, and eating and think about it, but it will calm down!

    all the best x

  3. thanks aliyah for answering.
    i also would wanna ask u what would u say was the best thing and most affective thing that caused u to get better??
    was it therapy? friends? yourself?
    i really wanna get better already this is going on already for 4 years and it is really ruining my self being and my social life .

  4. I’ve noticed some side effects of anorexia in my body…for instance, my period was reduce to the minimun like day and half and that’s about it (at least i still have it ) , i am cold all the time …winter was a nightmare for me,when before i enjoyed it .My hair falls in chunks ,whether i am taking a shower or not, i have to take supplements like no other… and i actually have to take ensure plus to make gain weight . What the wake up called was , it was that one day as many others i weight myself and the number i saw on the scale was less than 90lbs(40 kilos) it just scared me .It was the lowest i ever been in my entire life ,the lowest and the scariest !!! since i am 5’2” and 32 yrs. old !!!!
    i asked myself how low are you willing to go? and what for? IT DOES NOT WORTH IT !!!!! .
    I am (still) size OO !!!! .
    i can not shop at my favorite store anymore ,because happens they do not carry size OO ,the lowest is size O and i am still too small to fit that size.IT IS NOT WORTH !!!,whether you shop here or there doesn’t matter .
    I am not saying is easy and i have had many relapses ,but i do believe is part of the recovery process ,as long as you realize what it is right and wrong . i’ve been in recovery since Febraury this year or late Janaury and i do have more freedom . I think everybody needs a wake up call and mine happened just in time,because weighting lower than i did at the time i don’t know where i would be right now !!!! or in what conditions !!!!!.
    good luck everybody !!!

  5. Hey. Im 14 and have struggled with anorexia this past year.
    I have nearly recovered though and am so much more talkative and happy now. I am still a bit underweight but much much better than i was before. It has been a rollercoster ride but im so happy i was caught in time.
    I realised that if i kept doing this to myself, I wouldn’t be able to go to school and see my friends again.
    Luckily I didn’t have to go to hospital and was to recover at home with the help from my family.
    My sister had the same eating disorder which was also a part of how i got ill as I compared myself to her when she was ill.
    I have never seen myself as ‘fat’ but I just wanted to get thinner and thinner as i thought it was pretty, but it wasn’t.
    I wasn’t able to eat or talk around people but now i can and I love it!:)

  6. Hello to everyone hope its going well for u all! 18 and recovering from anorexia and bulimia (all though that aint going to well cus im doing exams and its so stressful). Been suffering from an eating disorder since bout 13. Finding it so hard cus im just a healthy weight but it kills me to look in the mirror. My clothes that used to be loose on me are now snug but I can still wear them perfectly. Recently I have felt like im on the verge of a relaps cus i just keep looking at my legs and seeing a cow! I know thats what comes with this hole anorexia milarky but its just a pain in the ass and I just need to vent a little! Actuall speaking of a pain in the ass, my ass bones used to hurt me whenever I sat down and it doesnt anymore. I know thats a good thing but the scary thing is I miss it. I miss by bones hitting of things and I miss struggling to walk up the stairs. The scariest of them all is i miss going to bed feeling like I have a heart attack. I used to go to bed with fear and Its totally not normal for me to miss that! Much happier tho I suppose but that might be due to the meds iv been put on! Anyone ever feel these disturbing things?? Again just need to vent!!

    Just wanted to say to maroru that I suffered from severe hair loss. Chunks would be in my hand if i so much as touched my head. In the end I couldn’t hack it anymore and ended up cutting most of my hair off with a nail scissors when I was on holliday!! I now weigh 110ib and my hair doesn’t fall out anymore. Actually it prob stopped once i hit 104ib. Was on naurkin for ages but I think the thing that helped the most was eating protein (since i was living on fruit and vedge) and giving up bullimia! It might come back since iv been getting sick recently but ill prob be able to quit again once my exams are over. Anywho my point is the more protein u eat the less it will fall out. Mine is still pretty thin but again more due to the bullimia than anything else so if you focus on protein it should really help. Try the naurkin range as well actually. They have shampoo, conditioner, scalp lotion and suppluments. Good luck!!

    Also wanted to say to Alex. So proud that you never found yourself fat. Thats a big step. You seem really focused and that should get you better much faster so that their will be no long term effects. Good luck aswel!

    x x x

  7. Ooooo just wanted to say also that pat mc has such a good point!! Telling people does make it so much easier. Should prob take some of my own advice here but I have been kinda secret about my weight feeling which could be whats causing the relaps. Anywho my point is being open and honest about it is prob the only way to get better. Otherwise ur head just seems t go against you and drive u nuts.

    Good luck again to everyone!

    x x

  8. hi everyone!
    i also feel my hair falling out and getting thinner, r there any vitamins or such kinda stuff that wont make me gain weight that i could take that will help the hair problem??

    i was wandering also if there r any eating dissorder teens that would wanna b in contact through e mail???

    have a gr8 day!!!

  9. hey i also forgot i wanted to know if anyone was put on Zoloft for dealing with the eating disorder??
    i am on it and i am scared it will cause weight gain. does anyone know of any side affects that it has???

  10. Hey shiran, I no its something ur not gonna want to here but ur gonna hav to gain a bit of weight to get ur hair back. I suffered severe hair loss and let it go to far so if u focus on eating protein with a small bit of low GI carbs it will have a significant effect on ur hair. I promise u tho that it wont cause u to gain much weight.

    Good luck!

  11. shiran- for me, my motivation to get better was, really that i wanted to be happy, and i was sick of living how i was, in misery and hungry and thin and i wanted a life , and to go to uni and fo my degree and enjoy life and food. i think each personsmotvation will be different, but just think of what u truely want in life, and recover. its along journey but worth it. ur gna have to REgain weight back, dont see it as gain just as regaining, cause that is what it essentially is.

    my email is
    feel free to email me, im always happy to chat x

  12. Hi , everyone !!
    i just want to make some recommendations that i have done or am doing right now…
    First , i take (like i said before) supplements and vitamins such as: Postasium, Acid Folic, Complex B, Centrum , Vitamin C ,papaya enzime
    I do eat wheat bread , oatmeal cereal (Cherrios), lots of dairy foods ,since my nails got them bristle and fragile .
    Also, i’d like to make a book recommendations and this is something i recently read is named LIFE WITHOUT ED by Jenni Scheffer . If you have not read it ,you must !!!!! .if you had , you’re gonna agree with me that this is a helpful book …you gonna love it !!! this girl went throught the hells of Anorexia and bulimia . As someone going throught a recovery from ED , believe me ,you gonna see yourself in her story. Beautiful book, the chapters are short so don’t worry if you’re mind start to wander around .
    so, that’s my contribution hope you like it 🙂

  13. By realizing i wanted to get away from my ED i can tell you guys that now i feel more free than before !!!!! imagine that !!! now if i feel like having a cookie or two i am gonna have it (them). As long as you eat healthy you also can have you treats from time to time …and it is not necesary that it has to be on a Saturday or Sunday or anything particular day of the week or weather …if i feel like having a cookie today i am gonna have it…is that sweet?

  14. And i forgot to tell you that in order to regain a healthy wieght you should drink either ENSURE PLUS or BOOST PLUS …they will help you in a healthy weight to get back on track …i’ve been having ensure plus and it helps !!! gives you more energy !!! and they taste pretty good …vanilla and strawberry my favorites 🙂

  15. Hi. My name is Lindsay and i have been a suffering anorexic for about a year and a half. I want everyone to know that this is the hardest thing I have ever had to overcome in my life, it has unfortunatly almost beaten me to death. I am 5’6 1/2 and i currently weigh 85 lbs. I have sought out treatment before ( Day Hospital Program) but i found it was not enough supervision and support for me, so i left. I am a severe anorexic aswell as bulemic. It is sad but true, that my doctor told me just recenly that because of my complaint of not being able to digest food ( it just comes up) he thinks that i have done permanant dammage to my esophageus. Because Day treatment did not work for me, the next option is inpatient treatment, where they keep a watch on you and you live in the hospital for about 2 months untill you are stepped down to the day program they have available there. Since i last left the day program I was 110 lbs, now i have been waiting for approx 5-6 months to get into inpatient treatment and i am now down in the mid eighties. I am so frustrated because i am basicly waiting to die, or waiting to live. They said i have abut 2 wks left untill I will be admitted, but who knows, yesterday the doctor called my house and told me that my potassium was so low im at a huge risk for a heart attack and i need to consistantly take my potassium pills, the problem is i can hardly digest anything, so even when i do take my pills, depending on what im doing, if i bend over, they will just come right back up (undigested), and the noise in my stomach is awfull, just awfull. I wanted to say all these things because I hope someone can relate to what im going through, there are MANY reasons why i have developed anorexia and bulemia to this level, but i understand and acknowledge that I have a problem and i WANT to gain the weight that i need to. I also love exercising. This is a problem aswell, because i am too week now to do anything i can not work out, and one of my goals is when i am better, to put on a good amount of muscle with a healthy diet, but i just have so many doubts as to if i will ever be able to do this, or any of the things (goals) that i have in my life. Please feel free to comment. I talk a lot, but because there is so little for me to do now, most of my days consist of thinking.

  16. lindsay- wow im so sorry to hear about everything. recovery is possible, and ur not gaining weight, your regaining your life back.
    i hope u get intro treatment soon, and motivate urself to get better. theres a much better life out there without an ed.
    I had anorexia and bulimia for many years and i found recovery very very hard but it can be done 🙂

    and you can do it too, xx

  17. Im trying to recover from anorexia/bulimia. Its extremely difficult for me because I am not infact under weight, so every once in a while I reason with myself that I could stand to lose a few more pounds. When I look at my body I just see fat ontop of fat. In 4 months I went from 200 lbs to 155 (Im 5’9″) and I feel like Im not at the weight I want yet but I dont want to be like this anymore. I dont want to throw up, obsess and spend hours at the gym. I dont know what to do. I dont know how to be healthy becasue healthy makes me think I am going to get fat again…Im also under the constant temptation to go on pro-ana sites…Do you have any resources? Tips? Im at a loss and I cant live like this anymore!

  18. u did the right thing by deciding to do something about it. the good news is that u can get rid of this , and be a happier and healthier person.
    right now ur split , u want to get better, yet part of u screams out to lose weight and not eat.
    u shud go to a doctor, and say how u feel, they can get u profesional help, and those people will support u, plus they have the resources, to help properly.
    u wnt get fat, ur body is suffering.

    dnt go on pro ana sights and write down, what u want to gain from recovery. also remember, if u deprive ur body of food, ur emotions and mood will be all over the place. feelings are not facts, u have to stay strong and not give into a voice xxx

  19. Hi, i have just started my recovery (hopefully) and i have no idea how to deal with losing all control over every aspect of my life. i have had an eating disorder for 6 yrs, what seems like my whole life and to just now tell people, especially family is one of the hardest things. the extreme guilt and shame is overwhelming. i wish i never did this to myself, the repercussions are enormous. but in saying that – i am here writing to you, so that is a good sign (i’m telling myself ) :). writing is therapeutic so this is the one thing over all that i recommend to other sufferers, it brings me some control back and gives me some focus as to what i’m REALLY thinking.

  20. Hello,
    I came across this website on the off chance, but after reading all of these people messages I really wanted to enter something myself… Well I dont know how I developed my Anorexia… But it did become very bad… I went down to a weight where I was unable to think, unable to be happy… I would snap at my mm and my boyfriend constantly (how they put up with me I will never know), I was ever so tired and lathargic and couldn’t move very much , but at night I coulnt sleep, I was a talking skeleton and in bed my bones dug in to the mattress and eventually I began getting cuts and bleeds from where my bones were rubbing on the mattress…

    I started taking laxitives every day and this became a problem when I wasnt near a toilet… needless to say, it was very embarrasing.. I constantly thought of food, ate about 300 calories a day, exercised for atleast an hour a day (and if I had eaten “a bit too much” the previous day I would take the day off work sick, just to exercise as much as I could). I lost contact with all my friends, as I couldn’t be around people, I didn’t have space for socialising with everyone… if I did, I wouldnt be focused and wouldnt have time to exercise! I had fits, palpatations, headaches, bruising… in the summer i was cold and wore a jacket and scarf, while everyone else were in tshirts and bikinis… Id panic when i knew food was near me… id start breathing quickly and stuttering as i refused that one small chocolate… (the chocolate i believed would cause me great harm!)

    I went to the doctors one day about 3 years ago, where she asked me many question and said I was going to be refered to an eating clinic…

    Then the day came where I was refered to the clinic… I went along and was petrified (after cancelling the appointment 3 times i finally went)… She asked me question upon question, weighed me, looked back on my history… and i cried… The thing that made me realsie what i had done to my body, She said to me, if i loose anymore weight i will be hospitalised, and will probably die… i had got that bad… I went very regulary to see her, and she was wonderful… we went over many things, my mum and i realised that we were both keeping things from the past and it made it easier for us to let go… I was gaining weight at a good rate… having 3 meals and 3 snacks… and then i decided i was going to leave the clinic, although i hadnt reached my goal, i thought i was strong and wuold do it all on my own!

    Well after leaving the clinic i went down hill, and began loosing alot of weight again… clothes began to become loose again! no energy, moody, not being able to sleep… the LOT!!! and then i looked in the mirror one day, and i saw the girl 3 years prior… The anorexic me had come back again, and was taking control…i decided i cant let it…

    So now i am trying again! I havent reched 8 stone yet (weighed myself today and i am 7st 12) but my aim is to get there… sometimes i feel like i am going to burst and panic… OMG i am fat, i look ugly, but if i am honest the memory of what i used to be before i was gripped by anorexia, that is an attractive image, the one most recently, well it just isnt..

    I have an amazing support network, since going to the clinic, both my mum and boyfriend have a major understanding of the illness, and encourage me, and remind me “perhapsit is time you ate something”…

    All i can say, i know i am not there yet, i have a long way to go, and i dont honestly think anyone with anorexia will ever get rid of it… it is apart of you that you have to deal with… just like having a certain colour eyes, it is a part of you… but being strong means you can beat it and control it… Everyone is worth more that this… it does destroy your life if it goes too far!!! So be strong… YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN THE LIFE ANOREXIA IS WILLING TO GIVE!!! I have realised that there is more to life, and although i have my bad days and good days (no matter who you are wether suffering from a disorder or not you will have them), i prefer how i feel now i see my friends, my family is happy, me and my boyfriend can go do things on the spur of the moment and not think i am too weak or it is too cold… I am sorry i have babbled i just wanted to write my story and i really hope this helps others… JUST keep going, and my best advise is talk to some in the first instance… An eating disorder is a very lonely place… if you dont ask for help, you may be lonely for a long time…
    PLease take care of yourselfs x

  21. hi there
    thanks for sharing your story, you clearly are very strong and i admire you.
    i too used to abuse laxatives and exercise lobsessively. i decided to get help, i relapsed got ill again, and now finalllly im far in recovery, at an ideal weight.
    remember, ur regainin back weight ur not fat. ur body has a weight it works best at, so dont deprive urself.
    hope u have many good days to come, stay strong and never ever ever give up

  22. Hi, my names clemmie and I have had anorexia for 6 years. I have been in hopsital twice and the second time after treatment i thought i was better but i wasnt. In the last 2 months I have lost 1 stone in weight and have gone from 8st to 6st 12. My main problem is that i gain weight so so quickly. I know that i must put on weight because i want to get better but the problem is is when i get to a healthy weight i continue to put on weight and then i panic and restrict food again. All i want is to be a healthy weight and not keep putting on weight. Will this ever happen?? I juust want to break this vicous cycle but i am worried that in 6 years I have done irreversable damage to my metabolism and have slowed it down so much that for the rest of my life i am going to have to watch what I eat. It’s such a horrible feeling because i want to be free of this horrible disease and get on with my life but i jsut cant because when i keep putting on weight so easily i fear that i will carry on putting on weight until i am overweight. Please help

  23. Hello Clemmie,
    I have just read your blog, and yes at first your weight may shoot up but that is because your body has been starved of food for so long that when it starts being fed again, and it grabs on to what ever you give it because it thinks, when am i going to get the next bit off food, i better store as much as i cn in cas ei get starved again. You metabolism will get faster again, and you may otice that you are loosing weight and at that point you will have to eat a slight bit more to keep the weight on… I guess yo know that you will feel bloated as you said you gained the weight and now have lost it… but you need to keep going, Anna will be telling you are fat… but i am sure you are not… I am currently recovering and have made a huge leap to a healthy me… and it is worth it… You just have to believe in yourself… You said it yourself you dont want to be like this stuck with this vicious disease… So believe me when i tell you, you need the food… it is how your body works, and how it keeps going… How tall are you?
    I dont think that you will ever be over weight… i think you will always be aware of your weight, but aslong as you can control that and keep it at a ealthy weight, if you can gain the weight to a healthy weight you will be able to maintain it…

  24. hello my name is shannon.
    i dont think im anorexic i was 9stone 7 alot of people are worried about me and saying ive lost to much weight that i looked beter what i used to be its only been 4 months and ive droped down to 7stone 4. i havnt reali ate but i really need help i say to myself that im going to start eating in the morning but then when morning comes i weigh myself and look in the mirror and it puts me complity of.

    i am always cold dizzy moody never want to go out because i want to excercise but havnt got the energy to. my period has kind of stoped and my hair has got thiner.
    i just want to be normal again like my friends i watch them eat chippy and all and i say why cant i be like that.
    at christmas and boxing day i didnt want my mum and dad finding out i wasnt eating so i ate and felt so guilty so i went and made myself sick.
    i want to eat normal but ino i cant. i look up and all to see about my metabolism and it says that if i eat normaly il put on an awhful amount of weight. i am so scared of putting on alot of weight and getting strech marks plz do you have any way of helping me..
    shannon x

  25. shannon- i understand ur fears i have been there myself, the fear of gaining weight is horrible. but ive been thru it the REgaining weight, and so has many people on the site and they will all tell u the same.
    regaining weight by eating more food will not make u gain loads of weight relalyfast. U need 500 cals every day extra for a week to gain one pound! u need to speed up urmetabolism, and the ONLY way to do it is eat regularly, even if its small meals, because it will help weigh regain to be slow and steady.
    u shud make up a little meal plan, like write breakfast and tick it once uve ate it, and after a while ull get into a routine of eating.

    dont throw up and dont take laxatives, they will seriously harm ur body. theres a woman on this site whose now suffering severe liver damage and needs a transplant because of this.

    u may think ur not anorexic, but u have all the disordered thoughts and fears and ur weight sounds very low so dont harm urself anymore. u can get better now and live ur life.

    that site mite help good luck x

  26. thank you aliyah..
    i do be really hungry and have alot of cravings for things to eat like chips chocolate and crips all that fatty stuff but i feel like if i eat one small chocolate sweet that i put on weight i dont want to eat them because if i do i think once i eat them i weigh myself and il have put on an extra 4 pounds its so scary.
    i have a plan made out for today but im forcing myself not to eat. but if i count the calories up its only adds up to 800 calories i really need help.
    i dont want to eat becaue im eating on my own so im skipping my meal what shall i do and if i do eat any thing at all i just want to go and excersise incase i get fat but dont have the energy to if i dont excerise will i put on more..
    how long does it take your metabolism to go back to normall and when it does would i have put on more weight than when i started because everything i read its like dont eat alot when recovering annorexic it puts so much weight on you so fast.

    i just need somthing to push me to get better..
    but im so so so scareddd.
    i want to stay like this but i used to love food and play football and all i used to be happy but its just got me so down.

    sorry for being so annoying and asking you things but im new to this and just want somone to help me without going to a pro..

    shannon x

  27. and i for got to say
    i have a friend and she knows that i starve myself and she asked me will you please eat. and i said yea i will when i get home i did but then i made myself sick. i have said to her that i am eating like a horse but im really not and im lying to her about what i eat..
    the only thing i would eat with out getting sick is a half a slice of toast or a wee small blow of conflakes what shall i do about that..

  28. and she thinks.
    you just eat its so easy but she doesnt no whats going throught my head its so confussing
    and my mum and dad said that too

  29. shannon- i knowww how u feeel. i had the samre thoughts, u have to challenge them! u have to say ok i think this wee sweet is gna make me fat, lets test this theory ( which is false).
    Ur metabolism will take a good few weeks, to get back to normal, but it depends on how u eat and how long this has gone on for.
    Start small, 3 small meals a day, try to eat as many calories as possible. 800 cals is nothing, but if its more than what ur having now, start at that and slowly build up.

    People dont understand whats going on in ur mind i know , its best to ignore these comments to some extent and focus on urself and recovery.
    is there anyone u cud eat with ? eating alone is hard and its too easy to throw food away.
    Also purging is going to slow ur metabolism, i also used to have bulimia where i threw up and took laxatives, and my metabolism slowed right down, its awful. dont do it, u will make recovery so much harder.

    u made a plan thats a gd step, now stick at it. have some motivation, why do u want to get better? what does urt future hold , what do u want it to hold? what foods do u want to be able to eat? how do u want to look?

    lets face it, looking like a skelton is not nice, and neither is being overweight. u want a happy medium, and that is what u shud aim for, and u know the only way is thru a balanced diet. But trust me inr ecovery u have to eat ALOT of food, because the body needs the food to repair all the damage.

    gooood luck, stay strong and never give in . eat well. xx

  30. also i dont want to give u too much stuff to take in, but you are not gaining any weight, ur just REgaining back the weight u lost . Your mind is starved of nutrients, and that is why u have the disordered thoughts, when u start to eat, its hard but after a while the thoughts will go away.

    i have been thru it all, and i know people from the site also, and its do able 🙂 be positive. xx

  31. Thank you very much
    i want to go eat a chippy tomarrow but i no when tomarrow comes i wont want it and if i do eat it il just fall back again in a day or to i need to have will power but im not good at that.
    id love to just start of eating nice big healthy meals but it not going to that easy since you did say that i have to start of wit small meals..

    i just feel so miserble not thinking right you have helped alot now but in a few days ana will get on top of me again..
    shannon xx

  32. shannon- ur welcome, and i know how u feel. some days are better than others. If u feel like a chippy go for it, u dont have to have it all, have a little, just treat urself to the taste. u deserve it.

    There are so many risks, each time u get ana thoughts think of these risks.
    You will get better, if u want to, and i can see that u do, u will do it. it can be a long slippy road , with lots of bumps along the way, but u will get there.

    is there anyone u cud tell at all? doctor? parents?

  33. but ino that i will want to eat it all because it will be so tasty and havnt had something like it in ages.
    and that will get to me i shouldnt have started a stupid diet it not worth it because i cant get out of it.
    i dont want to talk to anyone im not good at talking to someone because i dont tell them i just say im ok.
    the only person i will talk to is my best friend but it will be hard because she might not understand what im going through and all she would be able to do and say is EAT
    but it not that easy..

    i hope i do get trough it because im sick of being cold insolated, my hair falling out, being dizzy never having enough energy to go out and not being in any happy moods..

    i am glad i found this site and that im talking to someone that went through it all before it kind of helps but its not enough..

  34. and i need to say i cant stop everything i go to eat i count the calories and then if there 100 i think thats too much so i dont eat it

  35. yeah sumtimes its best to eat the things that dont have calories on it.
    all the horrible effects u just decsribed the feeling cold the hair falling out, it will get worse. dont let it.
    well uno if u get a chippy and u really like the taste then eat it all! one chippy isnt gna make any difference. or if that really scares u take out a portion that ur gna eat and just have that put the rest away or give it to someone else.
    the urges to reduce food intake and eat less are going to be there for a long time, and u have to challenge it one at a time.

    all the best, stay strong, and try to treat food as ur medicine. if u dont make eat, itll get worse and ull end up in hospital on a drip.


  36. okay thank you very much you have been alot of help and thanks for reading and writing back
    i will try the things you said.. xx

  37. do you want to hear the real deal? they send you to a place and make you eat 3500 cal a day. but its its all in low cal cal food. You know so the bulimics don’t freak out. So everything you eat has to to be lo cal. So you try to gain fifty pounds on dry pasta and bagels.

  38. i starting eating meals and i eat chocolate and all but in 3 days ive put on 3 pounds and its starting to get really hard i am so scared i just want it all to go away. can you tell me something to do to stop this because im am getting the thoughts in my head that im going to stop eating and i will stop
    shannon xx

  39. Today I got told that I have osteroporsis (or however its spelt) in my spine. My blood pressure’s very low, my kidneys are in trouble and I’m having heart palpatations. I recently lost my boyfriend of 3 and a half years becuase he couldn’t cope/understand why I wanted to starve myself. Anorexia got hold of me soooo tightly. I just wanted to be thin, even though I was already ‘normal’ size 8, I wanted to be smaller, I’d be happier if I was thinner, more attractive – this is so FALSE!!
    I’m at my lowest wieght of 7 stone at 5″6 I look terrible, my skins awful my family are really worried about me and I have lost my boyfriend, who I loved very much.
    Being skinny really isn’t all that.
    Now i’m ‘recovering’ everday I make the effort to eat more and do less. seriously, I don’t want to die yet and thats what happens with anorexia – I could actually die! I cant believe I’ve got myself into such a state. Now I need to get out of it and turn my life around. I need an eating plan and suppliments and a new way of thinking. Any Ideas?

  40. Cara- well done for chosing the road to recovery. Its the best thign u will ever do . Its going to be a hard long journey with lots of mixed emotions but u can do it!
    You have to remind urself that u are REgaining weight, and each time u take a bite u are gaining back ur older life, a life which is not obsessed with food and eating.

    Ideas for food, is to eat small meals regularly, this will help speed upo ur metabolism. Eat a variety of foods, and try to eat foods u enjoy . Never chose the low fat calorie free stuff, and if u can drink an energy drink, or milkshakes with lots of calories every nite.
    It takes 500 cals a day on top of what u normally eat for a week just to gain one pound. So trust me when i say u wont get fat, u wont. Ur body has a ntural set point it works best at, so let ur body get to that stage. Its for ur best.
    My gran has osteroporsis, and its horrible, dont let anything else happen to you now. Its not worth it trust me.
    You mite find the link below helpful, its my stages of recovery, and some may relate to you. I had anorexia for 6 years, and i got over it, you can to 🙂 Im not fat and im happy, i can eat food enjoy it, and i dont get negative obsessive thoughts. They go away as u challenge urself, and realise for urself that they are all false thoughts.


  41. I suffered from anorexia from 2004 to 2009. I just started to really recover in December, and I’m doing much better now. To complement what aliyah said towards cara’s comment, I couldn’t agree more. I know how hard it is to deal with obsessive thoughts every day…. It consumed my life from when I was 12 until I turned 18. While I’m only a month into recovery, please believe me when I say that you can recover cara. I was terrified that I would never be happy, whether I ate or not, but after starting to eat, everything has changed. I’m genuinely happy for the first time in years, and I’m at peace with myself. I no longer have obsessive arguments in my head over whether I ate too many calories, or didn’t work out enough. I just eat when I’m hungry and work out to be healthy. (I know, I know, much easier said than done…but once you get the hang of it, it gradually becomes second nature.) It’s such a relief not having to worry about food, and to just be able to enjoy it. I was really surprised by how much free time I had left in my day…I never realized how much time I spent researching and obsessing over food and calories. I’m not going to lie, I do have hard days, but they are becoming much further apart. Sometimes when I put on clothes or stand in front of a mirror, I have a hard time accepting the way I look (which, according to doctors, charts, and whatnot, I’m at a healthy weight), but it’s getting easier to cope with. I try to find ways to feel happy and satisfied with my life that doesn’t have to do with the way I look. So far, it’s working. Honestly, I wish you the best of luck with a successful recovery. Take your time, and try not to worry about burdening others. I never in a million years thought I would be able to overcome this, but I did. I hope you can, too.

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