11 from 2008

eleventhe other day i discovered postrank, (thanks, beth) which ranks your blog’s post according to some algorithm of popularity, interactivity, etc. these 11 are among the highest-ranked entries here for last year. it’s a nice way to look back on 2008, and also to start saying some much-needed thanks. for each post, i’ve included a link to someone who contributed to it.

  1. progressive dinner is served was an interesting project by kilroy. it was a sort of online dinner party. lots of fun!
  2. unexamined belief and spiritual atheism was part of an interesting conversation between my vancouver blogger friend jan and myself.
  3. cognitive therapy – the 10 distortions was a guest article by damien, father, teacher, writer, and one of the most prolific bloggers i know.
  4. two views of depression started like this: “the other day, marc challenged me with this idea: can depression, or any other challenge such as alcoholism or bipolar disorder, be an entity of its own, with its own agenda and will to survive?”
  5. easter: wrestling with the church was an attempt to come to grips with a somewhat unsettling experience of going to a christian church for the first time in a while. evan was one of the people who contributed to the ensuing conversation.
  6. helping a friend with depression was inspired by a post on PsychCentral, predicting that january 21st would be the most depressing day of the year.
  7. the 3rd edition of the buddhist carnival was the most successful buddhist carnival this year. there is an interesting conversation about zen and martial arts in the comment section, with some contributions by chris – something that i’d still like to follow up on.
  8. a solution for “but” is about ego death, solution focused therapy, and the little word “but”. it was greatly helped along by a blog post by my buddhist blogger friend william harryman, ego and the self.
  9. early on a wednesday morning: wordless, with a beautiful image by luke carter, is a nice sample of the wordless wednesday series, which i really enjoy.
  10. bullying stops here was a quick post about the international stand up to bullying day, well illustrated by vancouver blogger jordan behan wearing a pink t-shirt.
  11. and finally, the carnival of eating disorders #13 included a post by angelique about eating disorders before the internet.

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4 thoughts on “11 from 2008

  1. Thanks for the link to postrank.

    It looks like it could be very valuable thing. I have a couple of problems with it: what do the figures actually mean? and One of my posts ranked higher than the one that is meant to be my top post (maybe a bit buggy as yet I guess).

    Also, your guest post is one of the top posts.

    Evan’s last blog post..Plans for the Year

  2. thanks for the comment, acai berry person!

    evan, i’m not sure i understand what the numbers mean. i don’t really care too much. and i found the same as you; i think for the first top posts they pull, they only look at posts they display in the first screen.

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