11 things i learned at millionaire mind intensive

clarity: a green chestnut suspended in the aira few months ago i went to one of t. harv eker’s millionaire mind intensive workshops. i didn’t buy any of their courses (i guess becoming a millionaire isn’t high on my list) but got quite a bit out of it otherwise. if you get a chance to go to one of those workshops for free, i highly recommend them. here are my notes – i offer them to you because i’m still not over this silly cold and my brain still doesn’t co-operate enough for a full-blown, original blog post.

let me know what you think of these notes – any of them useful?

(oh, and i lied.  they’re not 11 things but 27.  i just wanted to start a title with “11 things i learned”)

  1. dream big; you’ll never be bigger than your dreams
  2. what’s your money blueprint? (what’s your blueprint for anything?)
  3. look at the results – that’ll tell you. once you know your blueprint, you can change it.
  4. failure often comes from lack of clarity
  5. clarity = power; power = ability to do and act
  6. no clarity like playing basketball without a hoop
  7. getting by is harder than getting rich. also, getting by sucks
  8. simple works, complicated is interesting
  9. we are programmed to be worker bees
  10. most people start doing something new out of irritation. their models tend to be the people who irritated them (e.g. “i’m not going to do what he did!”, “if she can do it, i can do it, too”)
  11. most people run a business that creates struggle. but it should create wealth.
  12. the opportunity is pure, until you come along.
  13. if fear, anger and resentment are at the (tree) root of whatever i do, event when the results are ok, i’ll have a hard time changing what’s above ground, and my fruits will never be quite what i want
  14. destructive words: “i know that” – they close you off
  15. pride and ego: the most expensive things you own
  16. for many people, success is counterintuitive
  17. fix the habit not the problem
  18. if you want a lot of anything, put in energy
  19. in times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. (eric hoffer)
  20. don’t work hard at something, work hard at yourself
  21. if you show you can handle what you have, you’ll get more
  22. focus on investments (of time, energy, money), don’t focus on expenditures
  23. there are 4 realms: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. the first three are the roots. the physical is the fruit. if you want better fruit, work on the remaining 75%.
  24. if you have results you probably won’t spend that much time looking for reasons
  25. emotion is like breath – it needs to go in and out
  26. we fear the letting go of emotions but we need it more than anything
  27. who’s choosing the action? you or the feeling?

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  1. There’s lots in there. And lots I like.

    I have big problems with “5. clarity = power; power = ability to do and act”. This seems confused, we can have clarity about our limitations and lack of options too. Though it is my experience that people are generally capable of more than they think rather than less.

    I think 16 “for many people, success is counterintuitive” is very important and has huge implications. For me it is an invitation to pay attention.

    I think for me the challenge is the reverse of 23 “# there are 4 realms: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical. the first three are the roots. the physical is the fruit. if you want better fruit, work on the remaining 75%.” I spent my first three decades or so doing this and ended up poor. I find it all too easy to ignore the world around me.

    These are the stand-outs for me.

  2. I really like (and can relate to) this one: no clarity like playing basketball without a hoop

    I spend too much of the financial side of my work life in a fog. No patience, bored with number crunching.

    However, I will say that I also get impatient with euphamisms for success. I want pragmatic tools, nuts and bolts, but I suppose that’s what the extra courses (cha-ching) is about.

    phd in yogurtry’s last blog post..sex video for real women

  3. the only one which made me think ‘that was a bit dodgy’ was 24. the one i loved most was actually the one you didn’t like, evan, ‘clarity= power, power=ability to do and act’. i have really found this to be true. once something is really clear, totally hard edged and transparently clear in me, everything else tends to follow. even amongst really limited options, you can always act in some way. that’s maybe what the clarity is about – what actions are possible, rather than some big, less defined ideal.

    25 is lovely.

    thanks isabella, and get well soon!

  4. hi evan – i think i’d agree with sarah re clarity. perhaps, though, you read something different into that point (easy enough – it’s not exactly very elaborate).

    success is counterintuitive. that’s definitely something to chew on.

    phd in yogurtry – would be interested in hearing more about the success euphemisms you talk about. any of them here on this list?

    sarah – #25: “emotion is like breath, it needs to go in and out” – we so like to hang on to our emotions, don’t we? “good” ones and “bad” ones. as if there aren’t enough to be had 🙂

  5. Great principles! thanks for sharing this knowledge 🙂 I like the 14th and the 15th above all others..

    I would add something like this:
    – do not focus on the money that people should give to you, instead, bring value to the people and the money will come 🙂


  6. Hi,

    I’m from Singapore and I did attend the seminar free because my mentor gave it to me to go there to learn.

    Wonderful points you have up there. It’s really great to learn and reflect by blogging about it. It makes us learn much faster, further more I’m already picking up points from the other commenters too.

    I have also implemented the Jar System & have my own system on Excel Spreadsheet. Wish to share it with you and your friends.

    Click link below.

    Hope to hear from you soon and feel free to visit my blog from time to time too.


    Fadzuli’s last blog post..Psychological Triggers

  7. Angelo, that is so true. Often if you want something you never get enough of it and when you don’t desire it you get it in droves.

    Glenn’s last blog post..Learned

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