success, success, success: steve pavlina, move over!

a little while ago, i participated in a blog meme initiated by aaron potts, to which i had been invited by cardin at optimistlab. i posted my contribution (success in a basket) and thought that was that. what a great surprise to see that aaron has taken the infinite trouble of tracking down everyone who… Continue reading success, success, success: steve pavlina, move over!


inspired by last night’s meditation meetup and the relaxation swicki, i thought i’d offer you these words. sit comfortably, without slouching. you may want to close your eyes. notice your breath. in comes in – it goes out. it comes in – it goes out. there is nothing you need to do – yet it… Continue reading relax


today is national day against homophobia. homophobia is about us over here versus them over there. look, these other people! they do X and say Y, and we don’t do and say that, so they’re outside of the fence and we’re inside. only there is no them. there is only we. and the fence is… Continue reading homophobia

self-righteous in surrey

“if teachers are going to use the film an inconvenient truth in the classroom, they should also have access to another documentary which challenges the academy-award winning movie’s premise, says a local school trustee.” this, my friends, we can find under the heading “school trustee demands ‘balance’ over gore movie use“. right. let me get… Continue reading self-righteous in surrey

watchful words: 7 ways to rename a mental illness

in thinking about today’s blog post and still in line with this week’s theme of the national mental health week, i came back to one of my favourite books about therapy, ben furman’s and tapani ahola’s solution talk: hosting therapeutic conversations. the following is an excerpt and summary of the chapter, “watchful wording” where they… Continue reading watchful words: 7 ways to rename a mental illness