screwing up

in my internet travels, i have occasionally come across white bison, a recovery initiative particularly geared towards native americans, or first nations people, our term here in canada. today i chanced upon one of white bison’s premises: “a spiritual person is one who screws up everyday and keeps coming back to the creator” what a… Continue reading screwing up

nutrigenomics, diet and obesity

in continuation of a post the other day on the need to respect individuality in therapy, i came across toronto nutritional sciences researcher ahmed el-sohemy’s work on the difference between men and women in reacting to caffeine. nutrigenomics – matching nutrition to your DNA his research is connected to the field of nutrigenomics, a new… Continue reading nutrigenomics, diet and obesity

hi dad!

remember the inspiration post? you never know what’s going to inspire you. i just found a new blog that i’m going to try and follow, written by a venture capitalist in new york, and his blog entry for today was very short: i just called my dad. got voice mail. wished him a happy father’s… Continue reading hi dad!

14 ways to quit smoking

one of my favourite magazines is visions, BC’s mental health and addictions journal. it always has a great cross-section of mental health “consumers” (isn’t that a strange term?) and professionals writing about issues that directly impact people with mental health concerns: from those who are living with schizophrenia, to parents of youth battling with bipolar… Continue reading 14 ways to quit smoking

international webloggers day: solidarity

from darfur to duesseldorf, from iceland to isla negra, from barcelona to benares, happy international weblogger’s day! rio akasaka brought this event into being a few years ago, and even though it doesn’t have such a large fellowship yet, i still like to participate in it. maybe it’s because i’ve lived in a number of… Continue reading international webloggers day: solidarity

fear of flying

three years ago, coming back from a stressful visit to germany, i experienced the most terrifying nine hours of my life. i had an intense attack of fear of flying, the culmination of increasing unease i had experienced over the last few years whenever i was in a plane. last week, i was in an… Continue reading fear of flying