i don’t believe in god

yes, i don’t believe in god. “believing in god” makes no sense to me. i don’t know what it means. and it isn’t because english isn’t my mother tongue. i grew up speaking german, and the equivalent sentence – “ich glaube an gott” – seems equally incomprehensible to me. perhaps i will understand one day.… Continue reading i don’t believe in god

why domestic? why abuse?

an excerpt from a newspaper story from the UK: top doctor who hit his wife 24 times is spared jail a senior doctor who savagely beat up his wife after they argued about buying a new car has escaped a prison sentence. anaesthetics consultant stuart brown, 37, threw his wife to the floor and punched… Continue reading why domestic? why abuse?

flaming vs. appreciative communication

yesterday, thomas from microsoft posted about blog reactions to some of robert scoble’s videos. to those of you who don’t spend their day swimming around in the blogosphere (perhaps because your online life doesn’t completely consume all your hours?), robert scoble is a prominent speaker, author and blogger, particularly interested in the social aspects of… Continue reading flaming vs. appreciative communication

fractals, rorschach, tarot and meaning making

a few weeks ago, i posted some musings about how fractals might be used in psychological research. how could we use fractals to literally illustrate – turn into a picture – some of our mental and emotional patterns? some of the commenters interpreted this as a type of rorschach test. that was actually not what… Continue reading fractals, rorschach, tarot and meaning making

guffs and schlopps: a bit of seutherapy

dr. seuss never ceases to amaze me. maybe we should start “seutherapy” – aaah, the sound alone of the word already conjures up something great. soothing, subversive, seuss-y and let’s not forget suess – the german word for sweet. if you think that dr. seuss is all about nonsense, you are, with due respect, way… Continue reading guffs and schlopps: a bit of seutherapy

being differently abled: the good news

yesterday, we discussed the tragic difficulties some people have with interacting with people who have bipolar disorder, are deaf, or have other so-called disabilities. today for some good news regarding people with different abilities. the other day i came across glenda from do it yourself. wow! this woman is amazing! she’s in a fancy car,… Continue reading being differently abled: the good news