stress and obesity

i just came across this interesting study conducted by the georgetwon medical center. they injected a neurotransmitter (neuropeptide Y, or NPY) into targeted areas of laboratory animals, thereby reducing the fat that had accumulated there. the investigators speculate that their findings may lead to better control of metabolic syndrome. the fascinating part of this is… Continue reading stress and obesity

a buddhist carnival – march 2008

hello friends, and welcome to the march edition of the buddhist carnival. free tibet this is written while monks in tibet are asking/fighting/praying/protesting for a tibet that is free from occupation. after all, when we do metta, we say, “may all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy, may all beings be free.” danny… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – march 2008

frozen pea friday: a survivor tells her story

for a few weeks now, either here or on another blog, every friday i post something about cancer. as those of you who stop by here frequently, this is something started by susan reynolds and the people around her. in december, susan reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer. now she’s become an activist. in her… Continue reading frozen pea friday: a survivor tells her story

commenting is writing, too

once a while i like to share with you which blogs i’m reading and commenting on. sometimes it seems i spend way more time writing comments on others’ blogs than writing my own posts. so here you have a little taste of my blogospheric meanderings in the last few days: i can’t believe i overlooked… Continue reading commenting is writing, too