blogathon 2008: countdown to insomnia!

on july 26, i will not sleep. from 5 am to 5 am the next morning, i will be blogging. yup, i’m participating in this year’s blogathon, a marathon in which selected bloggers such as raul and rebecca, bloggers participate to raise awareness and funds for their favourite charities. for 24 hours, every 30 minutes,… Continue reading blogathon 2008: countdown to insomnia!

creativity, oppression and depression

in his latest post on creating a way out of depression, john offers these words: creative work communicates with others, and that connecting is a critical piece. it’s the opposite of the isolating impact of depression. for me, the human connection through creative work is life-giving. so i’m realizing that i probably started this series… Continue reading creativity, oppression and depression

another frozen pea friday

last week i asked out loud, why is it that i keep writing about cancer? when i don’t understand something, i sometimes write a poem or two. then i let it sit, and some time afterwards, it’s possible that the world makes a little more sense to me. so i wrote these three little poems.… Continue reading another frozen pea friday

parents and eating disorders

today we have a guest post by laura collins, mother to a daughter who struggled with anorexia, and an activist in the movement to help people with eating disorders. you have probably met her already – she’s contributed some posts to our carnival of eating disorders, from her blog eating with your anorexic. isabella was… Continue reading parents and eating disorders

josh waitzkin, an inspiring performer

the everyday becomes exquisitely beautiful. the notion of boredom becomes alien and absurd as we naturally soak in the lovely subtleties of the “banal.” josh waitzkin this quote is from waitzkin’s the art of learning, a book i’ll comfortably put on my all-time top 10 books on personal development. it’s not just a “good” book.… Continue reading josh waitzkin, an inspiring performer