a buddhist carnival – june 2008, part 2

temple of forgiveness at burning manhere, friends, is the second part of this month’s buddhist carnival. the first part is here. enjoy!

andrew, on his blog rants of a gay lunatic (i have to confess that such a title immediately makes me perk up my ears) does not directly mention buddhism in his article why we must forgive president george w. bush but i’d say it is exactly in line with buddhist thinking:

we are trying to change the world and re-create a great country. i have said that george w. bush has failed as president, and i have said that i forgive him. i will take that a step further and say, “thank you for trying.” i am convinced he did a better job than i could have done. i appreciate his ambition and bravery in accepting – indeed, pursuing – such a responsible position. i don’t envy that responsibility and i don’t envy bush’s lack of popularity. but i do appreciate his attempt, and i wish him well in his retirement.i hope that we will all be able to forgive president bush. not everyone can be a great president – or a great anything for that matter. but in order to create and re-create and continue to create a great and a good nation, we must move past our anger and move on to love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

self-expression, self-less expression
wayne always has something interesting to say, although one of these days i have to get around to asking him why his zen blog has become so insanely busy visually lately (or i guess i’m doing this right now). one of wayne’s interests is how we live in our bodies. this article, self-less expression, is part of that series:

the goal is not to figure out we have a body, only to “give it up,” and become all spiritual. it’s about accepting ourselves exactly and precisely as we are. and then, finding a way, or multiple ways, to be the totality of who we are.

and here, from the tao of simplicity:

ever since i became interested in simplicity, minimalism, and the present moment, i have become more sensitive.

the most powerful number is zero! excess information causes paralysis and represses you!

i see that people (including me) have a tendency to take too many notes, hold onto too many emails and paperwork.


what else do we have? “glowing face man” wants to awaken the badass within (a worthy goal, wouldn’t you say?) and says “pause and look at the world around you: it will end in a moment.” the daily mind proposes that we meditate at work:

we spend most of our lives at work. some of us will have the same job we have now til the day we die and we will be there from nine til five every single day. if we do not use our work time carefully we will waste a significant portion of our existences doing something that we resent. the way to change that is with meditation.

and our friend anmol, who has also been seen here numerous times, shares his experience with raising enlightened children:

the one thing that children need, is your simple, unadulterated egoless presence and attention. it is the most important thing for them to have, and is the key to providing them the right atmosphere to grow freely and fully. here are some important highlights of what this translates into.

other submissions included

and that’s it for now. the next edition will come out on july 15, 2008. remember, if you have an article about buddhism you would like to see featured here, please use this submission form. also, if you’d like to host a buddhist carnival, talk to me!

(image of temple of forgiveness at burning man by almost jaded)


  1. There is, without doubt, a lot of wisdom out there, but people are too stressed to notice or be able to listen.

    It’s so often very simple things, but the simplest things really are the hardest – really silly 🙂

    BTW, I’ve tried to email you (failed with error message), so I try this way.

    We were talking about social networking before: I’m having trouble keep up with all my blog friends and found another way of doing it.

    Plurk is the new social place to hang out with your blog buddies. Much more fun and cool than Twitter etc!

    You’re messages are displayed in a time line and you can click directly to answer your buddies, plus see all your buddies at the same time. Send your thoughts right out for your buddies to lurk without urks 😉

    I’m inviting you because I miss you there. If you sign up you give me good karma besides that I’d love to lurk your plurks!

    You even can promote your posts in there, so it’s a good networking tool indeed.

    Click on this link to sign up (or to find me if you’re already there):

    Invitation to Plurk

    ..or any one else reading this that wanna plurk socialize – heartly welcome to join us!

    The more the merrier 🙂

    Lifecruiser’s last blog post..WorShip FreeDom

  2. thanks, @lifecruiser. (actually, we continued our conversation on stumbleupon, social media gals that we are 🙂 )

    @anmol, thanks, you’re such a mainstay here. what you say about paying attention to our children is so true. and it can be so difficult …

    looking forward to another submission from you, anmol!

    and who knows, maybe you have one, too, lifecruiser? i don’t think i’ve ever been to a swedish blog talking about buddhism …

  3. Hey Isabella,
    Just back from herding 130 13-year-olds around Quebec City – Dar’s a teacher – thanks as usual for including my article.
    So, which aspect of the blog seems busy? Too many graphics or the text boxes, or (fill in the blank…) Glad for feedback and always willing to fiddle with it!
    Warmly, with metta, Wayne

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