a sound poem

water in italyi can hear the
water running steady
a light gurgling
and then
quiet rushing

but those are not
just words
i want to tell you
– really, i want to
tell you –
what i hear, not
words for water-actions

i want to tell you
about the sounds
how much those
vibrations mean to me
each night, brushing my teeth,
washing my hands once again
a quick shower that
clears much more than sweat

i want to tell you
about what happens
in my ears
who feel soothed
my brain
who feels calmed
my heart
who feels a
closure for the day
when the water runs,
on another saturday
night here on the
west coast

image by italianjob17


  1. hello,
    if you have any other sound poems that you can give me it will be brilliant and can you not put it up on the website can you send it to me then afterwards you can put it up on the website.
    Thankyou very much
    1 luv

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