anorexia and sex

 a while ago, i wrote a blog entry about what sorts of keywords people like to google in connection with anorexia. i was surprised to see that the vast majority of keyword demands were not for how to recover from anorexia but for things like “anorexic nudes”, “anorexic porn”, etc.

and wouldn’t you know it, i see the same phenomenon when looking at my statistics. my blog gets quite a few visits from people who are looking for exactly these keywords. maybe you, the person who is reading this right now, are one of them.

i’d really like to know what this is all about. the researcher in me is curious – in people’s minds, what are the connections between sex and anorexia? what’s so alluring about looking at pictures of undressed or scantily clad thin people?

also, when people are looking for “anorexics”, are they looking for pictures of very thin people (like these) or skeletal ones (like this)? does it make a difference?

so i’ve put together a little survey. it’s not terribly scientific but understanding what this is all about could be a little piece of the big puzzle of the fascination people have with things and ideas that mainstream community sees as – what would the word be? unwholesome? unhealthy?

 … the sequel … a year later …

not only is the survey out (you can see the final results here) but it also turns out that someone is working on a TV documentary about it.  if you’d like to be part of that, click here.


  1. Porn user response:

    I have been looking at porn since i was able to..(god bless the us an awkward trip to the store/video place) Some people have already touched on the “rare” issue.. which might have a lot of truth to it.. see when you make your first porn search ever.. that is exactly what you type in the search bar “porn.” However, do to the taste factor.. we all like different things, so as time goes by, the searches get a lot more specific.. e.g. “45 year old redhead with freckles in her chest,” or “really skinny shaved blonde wearing black boots,” etc..

    as you can see how if skinny, thin, or petite fails to bring the results desired.. anorexic usually comes to mind.. whether it’s a fetish i’m not sure.. but after the things I have seen online.. nothing surprises me anymore..

    I hope it helps..

  2. i haven’t participated in this conversation here for a while. some very interesting comments here.

    since it’s hopeless for me to try to address all comments, i’ll just be lazy and say something to our last commenter, “the one”:

    i don’t know if you saw the results of this research project; there were quite a number of people who alluded to the “unusual” aspect of porn as one of the reasons why they looked for porn involving anorexic women. but nobody gave as clear an explanation as you did. thank you!

  3. Part curiosity part sick fuck. Part of me wanted to see anorexics for the freak show aspects…

    And the darker side of me wanted to see whipped, malnourished, good looking sex slaves [yeah, real ones].

  4. I have admired skinny girls since I was a teenyear; 12 years old perhaps. I don’t know why. I remember one girl on the bus who I used to see frecquently when going to school. Never was corageous enough to talk to her. Too bad.
    Perhaps I like them because they are delicate, fragil. Someone said above because one can feel more masculine. Yes , perhaps.
    I feel atracted not only to thin girls , but some “normal” girls as well. However, my eyes get trapped when catching a skinny girl in the street. Now I got 40 years old; and I feel the same regarding women as when I was a teenyear

  5. Okay, I stumbled upon this sight when googling ‘Anorexia Sex’. The nature of this search was not intended to be rude, but I was simply fascinated by an apparent overlap of overt sexual behavours, bordering on promiscuity [in some] & Anorexia. Having been Anorexic for the last ten years I wanted to learn about the frequency of the overlap, espeacially considering the fact that Anorexia is infamous for eradicating the ability to either feel arrousal or emotionally connect during a sexual act [it varies largely, from scource to source].

    I would also say that there is no such thing as ‘Dangerously thin’. Anorexics can die when emaciated, or whilst as a higher weight due to complications. Many Anorexics also purge [as with Bulimia] wich not only messes up the chemical balance immedeatly, but has a higher risk of organ failiure and instant death. It is Anorexia that is the silent disease that does not necessarily kill untill individuals are severely emaciated. That is not to say that organ failure and similar things are not imminent.

    Actually many famous sports and, espeacially, Hollywood personalities meet the criteria of Anorexia nervosa, or at least borderline.
    These guidlines are in place for a reason and are not just a randomly selected bunch of numbers used to describe something. They, instead, are numbers that can be indicitive of something that we might, other wise, be unaware of; behaviours, emotions, sexual function, appetite, perfectionistic traits, irritability, development of insomnia, the organs, cognative function, etc etc1 ALL of these things may be affected past a point.

    If individuals DO recover then they CAN restore their general health, unless their organs have failed and their social network has been effected!!

    Some Anorexics are considered to be sexy, look at Hollywood for gods sake, look at Audrey Hepburn, Mary Kate Olsen, almost any ‘everage looking’ acress lol

    I appologise for sounding like a know it all b*tch, but I trully had difficulty reading statements such as ”I can see when a woman is dangerously thin”.
    Can you??
    Well you are fairly amazing then as I know proffessionals who have failed to see!!
    Also, Anorexia, accordimg to the Diagnostic criteria, applies to rapid weight loss blah blah blah, but the emaciated are another story entirely- no such thing as ‘dangerously thin’, if a size zero or emaciated or any thing like this, then we ALL are ‘dengerously thin’ lol


    I also had NO idea that there was even such a thing as Anorexic Porn, untill this morning that is!!
    It defeats nature in the eye of the beholder!!

    Some link Anorexia to narcissism, but can apparently get their ‘narcissistic supply’ through sex [?!] Which MIGHT explain some narcissistic behaviours in some, but in the porn viewer?! [we all apparently have narcissitic traits as well!!]

    ALSO- wether people refer to ‘hideously obese’ or to ‘hidiously thin’ they are simply using a decriptive with is often the consensous of people!! Or the masses even!!
    But, according to ‘Anorexic Porn’ and the rumours about ‘large people porn’ some people across this plannet appear to love it haha!!

    I muse now; if something is different does it become sexually intreaging to some?!
    Woooooooooo, Who even KNEW that us Anna’s could spark such sexual interest?! LMFAO

    Oh, but Angel noted the overlap between Anorexia and the ‘pre-pubescent’ body, wich in itself is disturbing, although not always intentional!! All I can say is that if looking at this kind of porn entertains certian people who might ‘enjoy’ those kinds of ‘pre-pubesent’ bodys
    it must surely be a good thing?!
    Keep them on the net and OUT of the way!!

    Tc People,
    Thank you for an interesting ‘debate’ [rant]
    x x

  6. p.s. I did contradict myself in that- sorry!!
    I meant to say that people most COMMONLY die when emaciated, but that they CAN experience AWFULL complications prior to this!!

  7. I am disgusted about anorexia. For me is unreal how a human can do that to their body. I googles “anorexia fetish” to see if there are actually people who are into that stuff, and for my surprise there are men who like it. I was shocked. So maybe many people google it just for curiosity.

  8. I’m a girl who searches “anorexia porn” because it’s the only way to find pictures of what a body looks like when you’re starved to the brink of death. And there’s a lot of those pictures. I’d say it’s to satisfy an artistic interest in the body. I also look up pictures of freakishly muscular people.

    To Winnie: Your sexual abuse therapy doctor sexually abused you? DAMN what a shitty deal!
    Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

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