arrest them! no, not the drunk guys

i’m doing NaNoWriMo again this year, this time determined to do all i can to make it to the 50,000 word count. so my blog posts may be sporadic, or short and sweet, or both. like this one. only it’s not sweet.

at a walmart in lethbridge, told by a friend:

a drunk native fellow ahead of me was buying 10 bottles of alcohol-containing hair treatment. i asked for the manager and asked him whether he was going to let that sale go through. he said there was nothing they could do. i checked the shelves and saw that this product was vastly overstocked compared to the non-ethanol products. i called the cops. they just took my name and address.

the week before a bunch of guys had been sitting on the bench in front of walmart drinking hair product. walmart restocks the shelves according to the rate of product sales.

they should be arrested.

not the native guys.


  1. This about sales and profit and when someone is gaining much it doesn’t matters what or in what circumstances the products are sold. It’s just about the morality of people.

  2. Our local government recently started a campaign to put up “no firearms” signs in parks. Mind you, shooting people is already illegal, and everybody knows it, but I guess “something had to be done”, and a meaningless gesture fit the bill.

    If these Wal-Mart managers were arrested, would alcoholism rates decrease by even one person? Is alcoholism caused by Wal-Mart hair products? If not, then what is the point?
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  3. I agree. In the UK various companies peddle a drink know as white cider (perhaps it is international). This cider is not the juice of apples fermented, it is apple flavoured alcohol, essentially chemicals, that’s only drunk for one reason, and mostly only drunk by a certain type of person. It is affordable, and that’s the point.

    I drank this drink for most of my late teens and early twenties, and the acidity levels in it are so high it gave me ulcers.

    Now, I’m not one for banning things, and I do believe in self-responsibilty, but after watching people die on this stuff, after watching illness occur in many young people who were being given the chance to afford becoming an alcoholic, I have to question the availbility of such substances, likewise the over-abundance of said hair-product. And this is before mentioning the cost on the NHS (in the UK), but then maybe the taxes cover it – which is even more sinister, and perhaps overly cynical.

    I’m not self-righteous, and perhaps it is because I have seen the effects for myself, but I couldn’t in right mind sell this product or work for a company that produced it. And some people will not be conscious of its effects, nor, perhaps by chance, be in a situation where they can afford not to be involved in the process. But some people do know the effects, some people line their pockets on the pain of others, which is tantamount to violence and in some cases manslaughter, surely.

    But then perhaps that is life.

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