blog post #1000: possible dreams

this is my entry for joanna young’s newest mission impossible group writing project where she challenged writers to push their blogging boundaries. i had asked you, my dear readers, to suggest what i should do. all kinds of interesting ideas came up and i’ll definitely try to incorporate as many as possible in my blog in the coming weeks.

a podcast was something that i had wanted to do for a long time but never go around to (that was a suggestion by raj, by the way). i needed to move out of my comfort zone for it – simply in terms of overcoming the procrastination of trying it for the first time; and also because i certainly don’t feel as comfortable speaking as i do writing.

so here we are: my first podcast (see the fancy tingamajig at the end of the post).  not quite sure that the technology works the way i want it to, so just to be on the safe side, here is another link to the audio file.

by the way, this is also my 1000th post.   last year around this time i had my 1000th entry (including all the pages, the archives, etc.).  but this is the 1000th real post.  yay!!!

aaand – here is the text version:

i thought i should also discuss a topic i don’t usually discuss here. quite a while ago, one of my blogging friends, pete quily, who, by the way, is one awesome authority on adult attention deficit disorder (or attention surplus, as he often likes to refer to) – so good ol’ pete asked me what topics i am interested and do NOT write about. that’s a question that’s tumbled around in my mind for a long time now.

so one of those topics is dreams. i am very interested in dreams but for some reason i never blog about them. here’s one i wrote down a little while ago.

biking to haedy’s in the middle of the night. i turn the corner along some row houses and can’t find her house for the life of me. instead, i see a huge starship hovering over vancouver, surrounded by lots of lights.

later it turns out that is a threat. i and a few others from a theatre troupe are spies. we get locked into a barrel-like wheel and spun off somewhere.

later: a basement theatre. it takes a break in the afternoon. it’s hot. i try to close it but enemy type people keep trying to get in. i have a hard time closing the right door and even there: one is just a bamboo screen, the other a very flimsy lock.

in the basement theatre. i need to take a shower. i step into the shower and detect that i can communicate telepathically with the shower. i ask about the threat associated with the starship. something big and apocalyptic will happen. i ask the shower a bunch of questions about it (it’s a bit like pendulum divination). in the end, i ask the shower whether it has good intentions towards me. it doesn’t. i immediately step out.

i know something apocalyptic is going to happen. maybe just one more day to live for everyone. i want to be with loved ones, very much. but they are all difficult to reach. i’d even settle for someone called tony, a questionable actor who at least doesn’t want to kill me.

later, my husband, my youngest daughter and i talk. we now know that there is going to be a massive earthquake. what is the safest place to go? an inland plain, i decide. definitely not by the sea, and not by the mountains. maybe a place like langley? how will we get there?

if a client brought this dream into a session, what would we look at?

first of all, the client might have something come up immediately; i’ll always take the client’s lead.

often, though, a client brings something that she or he doesn’t quite know what to do with. in that case, i might ask a question about the part that had the most energy. when people tell a story, their faces, body language and voices tell a story, too. their eyes might light up at a certain point, or they might cross their legs and look out the window all of a sudden. there might be a long pause somewhere or a feeling of uncertainty.

in this case, the shower scene seemed significant. “interesting,” i might say, “you were communicating with the shower.”

and so we could have a conversation about that. what does it mean to talk to a shower? what’s a shower? is it about rain? cleanliness? oh – there’s a connection to the shower scene in hitchcock’s psycho? yes, right, the shower has evil intentions. and you stepped out of it right away. do you always do that – remove yourself when there is danger? no? that was unusual? in what other ways was that dream unusual?

psychology is still unclear about the cause and function of dreams. one way to look at dreams, though, is to take them as narrative – a way for a person to tell a story about important aspects in their lives. “everything is autobiographical,” says freud, a quote that can be used in so many ways. a dream is autobiographical, the way it is told is autobiographical, and how the person talks about it autobiographical. sometimes a telepathic shower is just weird, and that’s it. but to me – to my biography, my life story – it was meaningful. i don’t need to consult any dream books, though. all i need, and all so many of us need, is just an hour of talking to someone about it.


  1. Isabella, congratulations on doing your first podcast – I know (from experience!) how scary it can be to share your voice online as well as managing all the technological aspects. It was lovely to hear your voice, and I’m sure your readers will appreciate getting to know you in a different way through this medium.

    Thanks so much for taking part

    .-= Joanna Young´s last blog ..Your Heroine’s Journey: A Digital Fairy Tale =-.

  2. Hi, Isabella –

    I wasn’t able to download or view the podcast (broken link?) but I did listen to the audio.

    Congratulations on expanding out into the uncomfortable! I am proud of you!

    It was great hearing your voice and your (French?) accent . . . you have a very comforting voice!

    Thanks for sharing with us through such a personal medium!

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..April 24, 2009 =-.

  3. Congratulations on 1000 posts and your 1st podcast! I haven’t a clue how to go about recording one. So I’m all admiration.

    On a more personal note, you have a beautiful, soothing voice. I think that would be quite an asset, both in your practice and in your future podcasts.

    As for dreams, I will now take heed of the parts relayed with “the most energy.” Good pointer. Thanks.
    .-= sandyphd´s last blog ..Pleasant Events List =-.

  4. Hello Isabella,

    Congratulations on your 1000th post and your first audio podcast, you are amazing.

    I enjoyed your podcast because you do have a nice story telling voice not to mention the topic itself was quite engaging. Bravo!
    .-= Angelina´s last blog ..Who I am Missing =-.

  5. Hey Isabella,
    Congratulations on 1000th post and 1st podcast. But if you had not said that it is your first, there was no way to know. You did it perfectly.

    It was great to hear you. I liked your voice, it’s soothing. And the topic you chose is my favorite. I hope you will continue blogging on dreams. I have so many questions about them.

    btw, parlez français? 🙂
    .-= raj´s last blog ..A tale of many cities =-.

  6. thank you so much for all your lovely comments! it was actually a lot of fun, and i can’t wait to do my next podcast – this time an ACTUAL podcast!

    i do have some experience using my voice because of all the poetry readings i’ve done (many of them with my good friend rudolf, whom i consider a mentor in the field). however, the good response i’ve gotten here and on twitter is a big surprise!

    @joanna, i KNEW that participating in your project would bring only good things!

    @marie – the accent is german. started learning english when i was 9, though, started speaking semi-regularly when i was 17, and been in canada since 1982.

    @sandyphd let me know how working with that energy turns out for you!

    @jean – nice to meet you!

    @angelina – glad you liked the topic. yes, i think i will talk about dreams again.

    @raj, thanks again for the inspiration!
    .-= isabella mori (@moritherapy)´s last blog ..sunday inspiration: peace for afghanistan =-.

  7. Hi Isabella – I get asked often to do podcasts. I have not ever done one for a variety of reasons, most of which are not good reasons! I also did not think about putting a video podcast in the post itself. Maybe I should try one myself.

    I was not able to view yours in your post, however. The link said it was “bad” and gave the following message: “The link you clicked on is not complete.” I did not try to download the file, maybe I will have time to try that later.
    .-= Will´s last blog ..Spam or Not Spam? =-.

  8. Hello Isabella. I love your first Podcast. Your delivery and way of speaking is beautiful. I felt like you were speaking WITH me rather than AT me. For me, your writing is beautiful and engaging, but the addition of your real voice is even more engaging. I to was unable to access the embedded Podcast player and got an error message. Good thing you included the link.

  9. Yay 1000 posts! That’s something!

    Nice to hear your voice. I, too, had to use the audio link, as the vid link was “bad.”

    I get a lot of mileage interpreting my own dreams by applying the idea that everything in my dream represents some aspect of “me,” the dreamer. The greater breadth and depth of mind trying to communicate something…”greater”…in a way the smaller everyday identity can grasp–if it’s paying attention.
    I don’t remember where I got that idea, but it sounds like it may have derived from that thing Freud said.

    Anyway, good one Isabella! And good for you exploring new territory.
    .-= A. Decker´s last blog ..Pitcher Picture =-.

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