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laptop at homehere is part 1 of my presentation at MentalHealthCamp on the topic “blogging yourself home – writing, blogging and creativity.”

i’ll present it as if i was talking at the presentation and treat you, dear readers, as if you were participants in the workshop.

here we go …

when i was a little girl, there were these tiny glass bottles that fascinated me, and i loved playing with them. and not only were there bottles, but there were also tiny saws with which to open them. i could never figure out why they didn’t just have caps but anyway, i thought they were great little things to play with. especially since my mother really didn’t want me to.

turns out they were my father’s morphine vials.

after a few years, he exchanged the tiny little morphine bottles for bigger ones. from the little 2-ounce ones to mickies to 2-litre bottles of cheap red plonk. they were everywhere. i dind’t really think they were that cute anymore.

my father had the typical addictive personality. he managed to overcome the booze, too, but he had first bladder then pancreatic cancer, and there’s a high correlation between that and smoking, which he did with a passion.

he was also a great artist, a wonderful person in many ways, he introduced me to buddhism which many of you know is very important to me – but he had major difficulties.

the funny thing is that his addictions were difficult but for me as a child they were more a nuisance than anything else.

he also had bipolar disorder, and what did get to me were those long periods of depression where he basically wouldn’t leave his bed for months in a row.

it was that and a mother who tried to cope with this and my sister who has a disability by being a rageaholic and giving me the role of being the “responsible one”

so that’s the home that i grew up in.

why would i want to blog myself home then, why would i suggest to you to blog yourself home? because let’s face it, many of us grew up in homes we don’t particularly want to go back to.

here’s what i propose.

most of us are bloggers here, which means we’re writers.

and that means that we use our creativity, we use our imagination.

the neat thing is, not only is our writing a piece of the imagination; in many ways, the whole blogosphere is a piece of the imagination.

i’d like to ask you, then, what do you imagine your ideal home to be – what are the good words that come up for you as you think of the word “home” – in general, and then also specifically, your virtual home?

why don’t you reflect on this question and comment below? next blog post, i’ll continue the presentation.

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  1. Home? Ideally, to me, it is a peaceful place. A refuge but not somewhere you go to refuse the world.

    I reckon home should reflects the heart’s capacity. And virtually… well, there is freedom within the boundaries of that potential, no?

    Distance is emptied out and in its place is the fire of imagination that we share, in good company, with our stories. Stories like you’ve told here, isabella. Stories that connect and return us to a path we may not have otherwise recognised though it travels through out center.

    It seems a bit like holding a flower in a stiff wind… Not too loose, not too tight as the Zen dudes say.

    Catatonic Kid’s last blog post..the heart of all hearts beyond heart

  2. Isabella,
    I have just discovered your blog and will read more with interest. But I would love to answer your question. My ideal home would be similar to the perception of the one I grew up in. It was warm, tidy, pretty, happy, and fun. There were interesting people coming and going. Mealtimes were an event of good food and interesting conversation. I felt loved, appreciated, safe, and encouraged. It was a nurturing ground for the artist and writer in me. My parents’ hurts and ‘issues’ were hidden from me and so I was able to believe that it was a wonderful world!
    Wendy Love

    Wendy’s last blog post..Is There a Good Time to be Depressed?

  3. Home is a place where people encourage me to have fun speeding down steep hills and provide me with a safety bar in case I lose control. Other times it’s a dull place but I always feel as if I BELONG. That is a key word for home to me.

    Damien’s last blog post..Road Stop Iced Tea vs. Grocery Store

  4. Everyone has so much respect for each other, that you’re never interrupted when you need to be left alone, and they’re still friendly, etc., when you need contact. Understanding and respect, everywhere on the planet; this is home.
    Hey, you said imagine the ideal, right?

    I don’t get what you mean by “…specifically, your virtual home.”

    A. Decker’s last blog post..I Did (Let The Right One In)

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