bon voyage to me

hey everyone – if you’ve been wondering why i haven’t done lots of updates lately, it’s because i was getting ready for what is the most significant voyage for me since 33 years ago, when i took my 4-year-old son and emigrated from germany to paraguay.  my mother is moving into a seniors’ home and i’m going to germany to help her.  such a big change.  she is getting older and ready to let go of a lot of things.  she will move from a huge apartment in which she has lived for 52 years into a tiny little apartment, fortunately just minutes away from it.  hopefully we’ll find a good home for my father’s gazilion pieces of artwork which he left behind.  going to germany is always very strange for me – so well known yet so far away, and not just geographically.  usually when i come back from germany i’m utterly exhausted emotionally.  my hope for this voyage is that i will go there with a servant’s heart and deal with all the physical and emotional work there happily and lightly, that i will have lots of deep and loving connections with my mother and dear friends and family, and that i will not have any panic attacks on the plane.  fortunately, capt. tom is helping me with the latter.  so – i’ll be away for four weeks.  don’t know how much opportunity i will have to blog.  let’s see, shall we?  i’m sailing into a lot of unknowns …


  1. We don’t know each other and yet I was struck by the parallels to my own life when I read your blog post…I just went to Germany in December to move my grandmother, who raised me, into a home for blind women… then we had to proceed with the emptying of her apartment of the last 28 years… a very emotional journey. I can relate to that visiting Germany… for me it’s a little bit like visiting a piece of myself that doesn’t have a lot of space in my life here… I hope your trip went well and that you were able to have closure where you desired or needed it and that the memories that you were undoubtedly bathed in were mostly good ones. Sending you positive energy across the ocean.

  2. thank you so much, ina! i’m still in the thick of it. am glad i didn’t know how much work it would be, it would have really freaked me out! the whole thing is a very good and very strange experience. your positive energy has arrived!

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