canada day: 26 reasons why i’ll never leave

a ravine in oakville, ontarioat the end of july, it’ll be 26 years that i arrived here in canada. it was just supposed to be a visit, but literally within hours, i was smitten. the beautiful town of oakville was what did me in, or rather its hills, little rivers, abandoned orchards and most of all its ravines – the ones made world-famous by the annual PGA tournament at glenn abbey.

tomorrow is canada day. let me sing the praises of this lovely land – 26 random reasons why i’ll never leave:

  1. the colours of the leaves in the fall in ontario; if you’ve never been to that area of north america (the north middle east? is there a name for it?) you won’t believe it; i never did, i thought for sure those photographs were enhanced
  2. the same with the colour of the sky along this stretch of the pacific coast some days – in the fall and winter, when the sun shines just right over the clouds and fog, it’s all silvery-pastel
  3. bannock
  4. the rolling hills of eastern ontario, right around bancroft
  5. speckled trout from some obscure little backcountry lake
  6. the satisfaction of pulling out the morning glories that threaten to take over my garden here in vancouver (a fabulous way of getting rid of aggression)
  7. the terraces of a hidden winery along lake okanagan
  8. canadian writers like michel tremblay, margaret atwood, robertson davies, matt cohen
  9. maple syrup
  10. CBC radio (with a special nod to vicki gabereau and peter gzowski)
  11. oscar peterson
  12. glenn gould
  13. my glenn
  14. pierre trudeau
  15. the hot springs in ainsworth and around whistler
  16. the long long long long long long long wide wide wide wide wide wide stretch of the prairies
  17. and driving along those prairies, thinking of nothing, humming along and BANG, all of a sudden you’re staring at a huge hole in the ground: the alberta badlands where the dinosaurs used to roam
  18. the fantastic, casual, a bit arrogant, rainy and absolute stunning beauty of vancouver
  19. the victoria art gallery
  20. the surf at sombrio beach
  21. the trees in east vancouver island, so high they seem to never end
  22. the overwhelming greenery – ferns, blackberries, blueberries, salal, moss, moss, moss – along the west coast
  23. brown bears everywhere
  24. the memory of the first time i saw a sign that read, “72 kilometres to the next gas station”
  25. its multiculturalism and diversity and relative freedom from racism
  26. the fact that if you’re gay, you can get married here

i have a feeling that i will keep adding to the list …

what about you? what do you like about canada?

(image by lone primate)


  1. It’s been 10 years since I moved to the US from Canada –
    just to be fair – top 5 reasons why I love living in the states and top 5 reasons why I miss Canada

    US – I love
    1. NFL – Green Bay Packers
    2. 42 cent stamp – I love the US postal system
    3. driving up hwy 1 in California
    4. I live in a country where a woman is still a woman – I am accepted and encouraged to be a stay at home mom.
    5. I love living in Green Bay where I can I moved up North from Canada 🙂

    Canada – I miss
    1. getting vinegar with my french fries – or gravy for that matter!
    2. different cultures – everyone looks the same here!
    3. Canadian Music – there’s nothing like it.
    4. “squeeze left” lol
    5. spelling cheque and colour 🙂

    Happy Canada Day!

    Dana King
    Green Bay, WI
    via Toronto, Canada

    Dana’s last blog post..Eli-isms

  2. How delightful that you love Canada. I have been their once when I was a child. It was one of my favorite memories. My Daddy and I went fishing at Lake of the Woods in Kenora ( I think this is correct). We had a guide and boat and caught more fish than we had ever seen. It was bonding to say the least.
    My other thought is that I lived in Minnesota for 30 years and loved it. Northern somewhat like parts of Canada, I think.
    I also have 2 other things I like about Canada, the music of KD Lange and my Chiropractor in the Twin Cities who is from Canada. Thank you so much for your post and Happy Canada Day.
    Peace and more! Annie

    Annie’s last blog post..Healing from Mother Earth

  3. Wow, I have dozens of reasons why I don’t want to ever leave Canada.

    1. The fact that I can, indeed, get married here.
    2. My circle of friends here.
    3. The wonderful environment I live in.
    4. The opportunities I have had here.
    5. The opportunity to fall in love with a Canadian.

    Thanks for this Isabella 🙂

    Raul’s last blog post..Thank you, O Canada!

  4. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been thinking of posting my own list on the 14th of this month, since that will be the third anniversary of our arrival here from Boston. You’ve given me some good ideas.

    Glenn Gould, Maple Syrup, and Gay Marriage were on my list already. I’m also putting on Granville Island, Universal Health Care, The Group of Seven and Nanaimo Bars.

    So much to be proud of/love.

    David’s last blog post..Vancouver Saved by Hippies in 1967

  5. You know how many people believe your legacy is how others have perceived you throughout your life? That’s how I feel about my pride in being Canadian. It’s not so much the actuality of Canada (spectacular though it may be!), as it is the way that others perceive us. Kind. Peaceful. Self-deprecating. Nature-loving. Polite. Accepting. Liberal. Egalitarian. Those perceptions stem from the realities of the people who have built this country. I have had the privilege of traveling all around the world, and living abroad, and one thing I know for sure is that Canada is just about the best place on earth. I am so, so proud to be Canadian, I cannot tell you.

    Oh, and a steaming bowl Habitant pea soup on a cold winter’s day always boosts my Canada-love.

    Happy Canada Day, everyone.

    freddygirl’s last blog canada day, y?all

  6. Morning glories gone wild? Really? We’ve got a small patch on our side porch that I’m so proud of. But the summer heat parches them dry.

    I’d love to see the fall foliage and so many of the scenes you describe. Sounds like gorgeous countryside.

    phd in yogurtry’s last blog post..boy 2 girl

  7. Hmmm. I believe that translates to roughly the equivalent of ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’, right?
    If we are going to get into idiomatic expressions, for me, Canada is a case of the grass truly being greener on the other side. 😉

    David’s last blog post..A Change of Scale and Timescale

  8. Canada indeed is a beautiful place. The people are friendly, the air is clean, and it’s not overcrowded. It can get very cold during winter so make sure to bring warm clothing when you go.

    Mike Goji’s last blog post..Had to fix car

  9. Sounds like a great place. Reading your post took me a fairyland. It’s so nicely written and I wanna experience it too. Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. I was not so fascinated by Canada and had no wills to move there ever but then I got my love over internet and she is my life. I moved and decided not to go back ever. Sometimes we have heap of reasons to leave or to stay but only one reason is enough to suppress all others.

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