christmas in new orleans – not so wordless wednesday

The holidays hit New Orleans Square

as i’m going back to working on my “magnum opus” novel, i thought i’d get back into the swing of things by evoking some images of louisiana, seeing that’s where the majority of the story takes place.

why “not so wordless wednesday”? as some of you may know, i used to put up an image every wednesday, without words. so it’s in the same tradition – but different, because the way to keep traditions alive is by changing them up a bit, let them grow with the times.

the picture is by loren javier.


  1. really? that’s cool. i didn’t take the picture (roll your mouse over the picture to go to the photographer’s page) but i do take quite a bit of care to select the right images. it certainly reminds me of our trip there 10 years ago. have you been?

  2. Growing up in Southeast Texas I’ve visited New Orleans many times. I love it, it’s always held a very special place in my heart and Christmas time is a great GREAT time of year to be there. Thanks for the pic.

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