1. Beautiful outfit! I love the reflection in the globe. She sure looks like she’s done for the day.

    Thanks for dropping by. It’s nice to meet another Canadian WWer. 😀

    Dianne’s last blog post..ww-tp: blur

  2. thanks for dropping by, luna, lifecruiser and dianne.

    interesting – i now see the tiredness but there are also other things that one could read into the look. watchfulness? i-know-what’s-going-to-happen-next-and-there’s-nothing-i-can-do-about-it? wistfulness? doubts?

    my daughter thinks she might be saying to herself, “what the … is HAPPENING there?!”

    there’s something almost mona lisa-like to that slight smile.

  3. Golden Beauty yes, but also a very tired beauty? Makes me wonder why…. (I’m always noticing details and are so darn curious!)

    Love the reflection in the glass bulb too…

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