granny post number 7: a name!

julian. it’s not quite clear what that name means. it could mean “downy-bearded”, or it could relate to the highest roman god, jupiter, the equivalent of the greek god zeus.

whatever it is, it’s a darn good name. and the name of the baby-to-come! yes, we know the gender now! yesterday, i accompanied mindemoya on an ultrasound, and they showed us very clear evidence that the child is male.

today, when my mother and i were talking about the baby, i had my first experience of calling the baby “him”. it’s not “the baby” anymore, it’s a he! what a difference that makes. the “he” resonates so much more clearly and importantly than the “it.” the little person is starting to round out.

and talking about “out”: mindemoya is going to be induced on friday. first we thought it was going to be tomorrow but then it turned out that they had made a mistake regarding the date. yet another blip on the rollercoaster.

what an emotional four weeks it has been! yes, it’s been four weeks yesterday that her contractions first started. maybe the most nerve-wracking four weeks of my life. and that’s just me – imagine how taxing it is on mindemoya and ray. who, by the way, is keeping track of all of this on his blog (and who is waiting on tenterhooks right now to hear whether he got the position he’s been hankering for for years; poor, errr, bastard – an exciting job opportunity and a baby! wish him luck …)

the next granny post is going to be a birth announcement!!!


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