gratitude – even when i’m tired

after an 18-hour day, i am incredibly tired. but i can still find a few minutes to express gratitude for the good things in my life.

the great weather we’ve been having lately.
our lovely gray cat, rum, who has such an easy-going personality.
that my blisters never popped!
the willingness to exercise most days.
that my friends feel comfortable giving me feedback.
the deep conversations i had today.
my “practice angels” (people who refer clients to me).
easy conversations with god.
oh, and the ivy that’s really starting to grow around my window …

isabella mori
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  1. I am grateful for so much that I don’t know if I could possibly get it all in

    I found this audio program called the 10 minute miracle that really helped me focus on being grateful all the time so now I am grateful for everything from God’s creation of me, my Spirit, mind body and health. My family friends and pets, my wealth and material abundance.. you name it!

    Funny thing is, once I started truly being grateful for everything, my life really turned around for the better….

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