haikuit’s sunday inspiration time, a meme created by my friend sojourner.

today i am inspired by

  • reading and writing haiku
  • my 2-year-old grandson and his single-minded focus on choo-choo trains
  • my professional immigrant clients from china who are giving up impressive professional success in their country to start from scratch in a totally new culture
  • my friend tina who refused to let a label of “learning disability” stand in her way
  • kathi bentall who dedicates herself to provide refuges of calmness and relaxation to the people in vancouver’s downtown eastside with the listening post, a little meditation oasis on main and hastings, and rivendell, a beautiful retreat on bowen island
  • people who use social media in friendly, respectful and creative ways, with the intention to mutually rich relationships and make the world a better place – like sojourner
  • my friend a. who is throwing perfection to the wind and has decided not to wait for the ideal job, the ideal wife or the ideal apartment to be happy
  • stephen baxter’s book manifold: space; a book of such extraordinarily epic proportions that “inspired” is almost too small a word
  • the people in my support group, especially the guys – it’s not easy to bare your soul in a roomful of women if you’re a man
  • the characters in my novel. so imperfect and still stumbling towards honesty, love and freedom
  • twitter people who tweet about one of my all-time favourite writers, alice walker
  • bishop td jakes on free your mind  (yes, despite the controversy)
  • bob marley. always.

who (or what) inspires you today?

(i guess i should ask particularly you, vivien from InspirationBit)

image by monkeysox


  1. YOU inspire me, always isabella.. thanks for such great ideas for blog entries. I feel uplifted every time I visit.

    And, thank you so much for joining in the fun at the MEET n’ GREET — Hope to see you back soon! 🙂

    Tanya (aka NetChick)’s last blog post..Friday Silliness 🙂

  2. the woodland flowers suddenly everywhere

    spring, the first haiku season! (autumn being the other)

    a book by bernadette roberts which i devoured in a couple of hours – the path to no self – i am not a christian but found this really inspiring

    bob dylan (always) 😉

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