1. isabella –

    Thanks for this image. It brings back a wonderful month I spent in Rome molti anni fa. Wandering the smooth worn stone lanes in the ancient sections gave me a deep feeling for all the centuries those streets and buildings had survived. And the people living there, of very modest means, were warm and giving. Italy is the homeland of my father’s family and a special place for me.

    Thank you! John

  2. thanks for the comments!

    @james – wordless wednesday is a blogging “movement” or “meme”, whereby bloggers all over the world post nothing but an image.

    @david thanks for the award! i will pass it on as soon as i can …

    @john maybe we were in italy at the same long time ago? i have lovely memories of it, too!

    by the way, my mother, who is here from germany right now, helped me choose this image.

  3. I have been there for a short while and I have seen similar scene many times. I think that is one of those places where I want to go all the time.

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