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i’m still battling this cold, so i’m just playing around. this personalized bookshelf from shelfari is something i found on virtual wordsmith today. i played around and stocked it with a few of my favourite books, trying to choose some that i hadn’t mentioned here much yet.

what a great waste of time!

(please be patient; it may take a few seconds to load this java script)

shelfari: book reviews on your book blog


  1. Did you by any chance see my at Shelfari….? *giggles*

    Me too discovered this site today, by a friend who had it. I think it’s a very cool idea, even though I think that we’re kind of doing a hidden marketing of Amazon books.

    A problem for me is of course that I often read books in Swedish and they’re not listed there.

    I’ve just put a couple up there to test it. I doubt that I’ll have the time to do more, but you’ll never know….

    Lifecruiser’s last blog post..WWant ants in pants?

  2. i love nosing around other people’s bookshelves! isabella- could you tell me what you love about the master and margarita? i’m intrigued by the phenomenon of this book!

  3. hey alex and lifecruiser – neat to see that you had just joined, too! i can see how this can turn into quite the toy!

    sarah – i read this book a LONG time ago, when i was 17, and was not very aware of all the different layers of it. kind of had a sense that it was a satire but not the extent that it actually is. i look back at it very fondly as my first conscious encounter with magical realism, which is one of my favourite genres. indeed, science fiction, something else i enjoy reading, could be seen as a form of magical realism, i guess.

    have you read it?

  4. yes, i read it and had a feeling of being unable to see what the fuss was about! it is a book which is totally revered here in poland amongst people who love literature. just didn’t grab me. although it may have done had i read it younger and not encountered magical realism. i expect way too much from literature now!!

  5. sarah, all this talk about the master and margarita makes me want to go back and read it again, perhaps in english this time (i read it in german). see whether i still like it as much. i’ve also read two other books by bulgakov, “heart of a dog”, and a cabal of hypocrites (about the french playwright moliere and his famous play about a hypochondriac), both of which i enjoyed a lot.

    when you say you expect way too much from literature now, do you mean that bulgakov fell short?

  6. shelfari – oh 0h! i use bookmooch and bookcrossing for book exchange, mostly bookmooch, especially for its travelling journals

    now i need to look at shelfari, too

  7. yes, i do mean it fell short. i wonder what more i expect now and i think i have to have really strong emotional engagement these days to get anywhere with a novel…. i am wondering now about reading it again in english, as i read it in polish!

    i sympathise with you, lifecruiser, in that these applications don’t include books in other languages. i read a lot in polish and it frustrates me that i can’t share!

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