no-bully pink on a wordless wednesday

(update: the mosaic has, unfortunately, disappeared – but maybe you’ll find time to click on the individual pictures, below)

a plethora of pink today, to celebrate anti-bullying day.

to find the photographers of the images, click on the links:

1. pink club door, 2. something pink this way comes, 3. soudeh is well now!, 4. untitled, 5. greenlake petals ortonized, 6. hibiscus, 7. swirly pink driving gloves, 8. spidey jump, 9. everything was tasty, 10. day 274: please remember…, 11. men love fuchsia, 12. me gone global, 13. bangle seller, 14. tourists


  1. The Lady in Pink

    Me thinks
    Pink is her favorite color
    In which, she is
    So elegantly dressed.
    She is the grand dame, in
    Pink Sweater,
    Pink skirt,
    Pink coat,
    Pink hose,
    Pale shoes
    And pink pearls clipped in her
    Perfectly coifed
    Champagne colored hair
    And diamonds in her smile.

  2. @MCSE training THANK YOU for the lovely poem! beautiful!

    @keith, thanks for the link. yes, i had heard about that. however, i have to say that at least at my youngest daughter’s school, they are very good about bullying.

    @catatonickid ok, we gotta work on getting you that beetle 🙂

    thanks everyone else for commenting!

  3. Bullies are psychopaths. I think they should do to the kid bullies what they do to adult psychopaths, treat them like hanibal lecter.

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