no promises, just a hope

my last blog post was over a year ago.  the hacker infestation wouldn’t go away, so i came up with the great plan of sticking my head in the sand.  foregoing procrastination, i executed that genius plan posthaste, with great success.

and now i’m back, with the help of lorraine and catherine.  who knows for how long – the world might end in 58 days.

now i could promise that from now on i will write every day, or every week, or every third rainy day.  but i won’t.  the older i get, the more careful i become with my promises.  life keeps on teaching me that it, life, trumps a lot of my plans, and that i actually cannot look into the future (coincidentally, i just wrote a novel about that in this year’s 3-day novel contest.  see the badge.  3 day novel contest

maybe i should get a badge for the novel, too?  do people make logos for novels?)

so i won’t promise anything.  i’ll just participate as life unfolds itself and put out a little hope that this blog will keep unfolding, too.

it all began with a grand waterfall
that’s what he said
but he don’t know where that waterfall came from
and it ended in a trickle
that’s what he says

he don’t know where the trickle has gone


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