1. I enjoy this image, seeing as I view my mind as a hallway with open doors and bright lights. This image speaks to my mind!

    By the way, i’m glad my friend showed me your site, you are a smart woman, and i’m amazed at how open you are about eating disorders! They are something i’d like to help people with in the future, especially since i’ve always had body issues and know how hard it can be, but every time I even bring up anything about an ED, people automatically think I starve myself.

    Chris’s last blog post..Video Game Report!

  2. nice to meet you, @chris! glad you liked this beautiful image. if you want to talk more about ED, pleas drop me a line. perhaps you could write a little guest post about your experience?

    hi mama, thanks for the visit. i’ll go and see what you’re up to right now.

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