out of bounds! what’s possible?

joanna at confident writing has a neat new group writing project: the theme is possibility.

the challenge, should you accept it, is this:

1. break out of your current blogging comfort zone and

2. post something that’s written in a form you haven’t used before, or that’s created using a different medium.

a new form might be an imagined tale, mythical fable, short story, poem, haiku, fairy tale, tv drama… you choose it could be two lines if you always write 200, 200 if you always write two.

a different medium might be something you’ve not experimented with before, like a podcast or video, or sharing a photograph, or creating something that blends words and a photo or painting, or hand written words, street art you create, capture and post or… well the world is your oyster really.

what do you think? what would you suggest i do?


  1. a sonnet about Zombies?

    write a Country and Western style post on your philosophy of life then post only every third word and see what comes of it?

    find 3 new words that you love in the dictionary. free associate from them then use that to inspire a post on whichever mental/emotional health topic you’ve most recently read about in a newspaper. 150 words or less.
    .-= Catatonic Kid´s last blog ..The Different: or, look hun, we built you a wall! =-.

  2. Whatever it is, you must do it in the 3rd person, even when talking about yourself. That would mean that the things you normally write about would sound like they were from a psychology research paper. Or you could talk about yourself in the second person (done beautifully in Simon Armitage’s All Points North), and refer to the reader in the third person.

  3. Isabella – If I did this, which I might, I would definitely do something visual, but that’s just me.

    You might wish to do a poetry exercise. Do a freewrite on a topic, underline five lines in the freewrite and then these five lines are your poem. You can reorder them, but that’s the only revision allowed.

    .-= Alison Bergblom Johnson´s last blog ..Why Write About Mental Illness? =-.

  4. Isabella –

    What about an Internet treasure hunt . . we have to follow the clues from one website to another to figure out what you are trying to tell us . . .

    Or . . . tell us a story using a flying tour in Google Earth . . .

    – Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..April 5, 2009 =-.

  5. thanks for your comments so far!

    zombies, country & western, 3rd person, video, treasure hunt – some good ideas, all of them leave me a bit uncomfortable – great ideas!

    i’ll wait a bit longer for a few more comments and then i’ll make my decision. my palms area sweating already πŸ™‚
    .-= isabella mori (@moritherapy)´s last blog ..out of bounds! whatÒ€ℒs possible? =-.

  6. My suggestion is to write a script. It could be an average, every day kind of a story, but in script format, wherein you have to draw upon the narrative and the simple commands in between the dialogue.

    That’s different, for you, yes?
    .-= Zoeyjane´s last blog ..On the hard questions =-.

  7. @zoeyjane actually, i wrote a whole philosophy paper in that form once (trying to explain psychology to the man from mars; in an epistemology class, i think πŸ™‚

  8. I have taken up the challenge and started working on it. Hmm. What I have in mind really will be a challenge for me. There are a lot of unique points about my blog but I have fallen into my own rut. Thank you for the inspiration and challenge.
    .-= Thebluestbutterfly´s last blog ..Vigil at the Top =-.

  9. Hey Isabella,
    My job is easy, throwing ideas. πŸ™‚
    so here goes.
    –write a play, length you decide. five acts if you like it! at least one if you don’t.

    –I do not know if you have done podcasts. should be interesting to hear you speak.

    Good Luck!
    .-= Raj´s last blog ..A tale of many cities =-.

  10. You could draft a post about an emotionally charged event – anything from your first kiss to a grandparent’s funeral – in German, then translate it into literal rather than idiomatic English. Preserve the German word order. Use a single substitution for each prefix and suffix (i.e. ‘heit’=’hood’, even though in English it’s more often ‘ness’). If the German word is compound, compound the English. Play with both languages!
    Oh gosh, now I want to do this exercise…. πŸ™‚

  11. Your posts are always well thought out, well planned, is my impression. You know pretty much what you want to produce when you sit down at the keyboard. So what about–and this is one I’ve considered myself, although you can’t ‘consider’ it too much or it defeats the purpose–sitting down without a plan at all, just roll up to the computer, open your blog and start movin’ your fingers, see what comes out. Spontaneous. What’s lurking just beneath that conscious layer, awaiting only the slightest opportunity to show itself?
    I don’t know if I could do that, I’m such a clumsy typist! Heh! Maybe that wouldn’t matter…

    Oh well, it’s a idea’r, anyways. πŸ™‚

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