psychologists, mental illness and stigma

today please visit over at brainblogger, where i talk about research on how some psychologists view people with mental health issues, especially those with schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.  interesting points that are being discussed in the comments are the place of diagnosis and the importance, or limits of, of objectivity.


  1. Hi, i have had BIPOLAR for 4 yrs and depression for 10 years, i am looking into ECT can any1 PLEASE help me….i need to know what i am up against please…..

    Thank you all

  2. hi justine

    it might help to write down a few questions that you have about it and go to your doctor with it.

    here is some info from the mayo clinic, a source i would definitely trust:

    you can also look at this longer article on wikipedia

    my friend “the badger” (i know him personally but don’t know if he uses his real name on his blog) talks quite a bit about ECT – here

    hope that helps!

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