1. Interesting what advice she gave on overcoming this depression … in the 10 seconds broadcast time they gave her the most important thing to get out was for her “You have to stop, take a break, put everything into perspective”

    That’s the most logical thing I believe anyone can think of. Yet it seems the biggest difficulty for everyone struggling with this is to learn that on an emotional level.

    Konstantin Koss’s last blog post..How to Attain Mental Wellness

  2. i agree with you, konstantin, it IS a logical thing, and it IS very difficult to learn it on an emotional level.

    i believe that for overcoming depression, the tool (such as stopping, stepping back and reflecting) is usually not the important thing; what important, and difficult, is picking it up.

    i also believe that this goes for most other improvements on one’s health – from weight loss to letting go of resentments.

  3. Yes right, picking it up – that’s a good way of saying it. Actually using the advice.

    I say “learning it on an emotional level” because for me the process of going from intellectually knowing I should take a deep breath and take a step back to actually doing it was (and is) a learning process.

    Learning to just feel the depression/stress/whatever and respond to it with those actions – rather than thinking about it so much.

    And yeah, that interestignly seems to be quite universal for any kind of obstacle to overcome.

    Konstantin Koss’s last blog post..Want a Low Stress Job?

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