a solution for “but”

this morning i posted this on twitter: question to my buddhist friends: fear of connecting deeply with dharma/the divine = fear of ego death? william replied in a blog post, ego and the self. he has some interesting thoughts there that i encourage you to explore, and finishes thusly: the more we meditate and practice… Continue reading a solution for “but”

october 2008 buddhist carnival, part 2

here is part 2 of the october 2008 buddhist carnival. you can find the first part here, where we focused exclusively on posts that discuss poverty in a buddhist context. vipassana no. 1: this, too i’ve been “enjoying my breath” on the regular four times a week for almost a year. i say hello to… Continue reading october 2008 buddhist carnival, part 2

september buddhist carnival part 2

hello friends, i’m back with part 2 of the buddhist carnival. part 1 is here. the last one had a pretty clear theme – delusions and illusions. this one is a bit more all over the place except for the first two pieces, they have something in common. they’re a bit crude. meditation rant new… Continue reading september buddhist carnival part 2

a buddhist carnival – 9th edition, part 1

welcome to the 9th edition of the buddhist carnival. it’s only been nine months? it seems like a long time, and a good long time. i always look forward to putting this carnival together. even though there are still problems with blog carnival, we have a very nice selection of articles on buddhism this month;… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 9th edition, part 1

a buddhist carnival – april 2008

welcome to the buddhist carnival, a selection of buddhist posts all over the blogosphere. this month is poetry month. let’s start with a zen poem, then, by p’ang yun, who lived from approximately 740 to 808 C.E. when the mind is at peace, the world too is at peace. nothing real, nothing absent. not holding… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – april 2008

schizophrenia, taboos and meditation

this is a guest post by geb sheru geb. in this intriguing article, he takes up on my post about kiddie porn a while ago, and talks about how the process of obsession in a person who hunts for child pornography is similar to the process of obsessive thoughts of someone experiencing schizophrenic symptoms. walking… Continue reading schizophrenia, taboos and meditation

meditation in an indian prison

yesterday at the meditation meetup, we watched a film, doing time, doing vipassana – a moving documentary of how meditation can change life in prison. this is the story of an ancient meditation technique named vipassana, which shows people how to take control of their lives and channel them toward their own good. it is… Continue reading meditation in an indian prison