a buddhist carnival – february 2008 (part 1)

hello my friends! it’s time for the february edition of a buddhist carnival. once again, we have many good submissions, and i’ll post this edition in two parts. frozen peas because it’s friday – frozen peas friday – i’ll start with a blog entry by a buddhist writing about breast cancer. like susan reynolds, “whymommy”… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – february 2008 (part 1)

anorexia and the six ways of the bodhisattva

on our somewhat eventful drive back from kelowna, i lost, for the second time, my copy of pema chodron’s the places that scare you. i think the little book fell out when i got out of the car after we had just ploughed into a snow bank in order to avoid a collision (don’t worry,… Continue reading anorexia and the six ways of the bodhisattva

a buddhist carnival – 1st edition!

this is really exciting – our first buddhist carnival! the plan is for this carnival to feature first and foremost articles that directly and specifically talk about buddhist practice, reflection and ideas. however, there will also be room for posts that may not explicitly mention buddhism but touch on concepts intrinsic to it. as adam… Continue reading a buddhist carnival – 1st edition!

connecting through childhood memories

yesterday at the vancouver meditation meetup, our guest presenter, tsuneo yamazaki, led a visualization in which he had us imagine a happy childhood memory. one person simply remembered her state of well being and contentment as a child. another person didn’t recall a specific event but reconstructed a memory that he was quite sure must… Continue reading connecting through childhood memories

guided visualizations

here are some working, good quality links to online audio guided meditations http://www.beliefnet.com/index/index_207.html http://csd.mcmaster.ca/natural_high/cd.htm http://www.soundstrue.com (the full versions are for sale but the samples are already quite nice) http://www.learningmeditation.com