where is the “you”

there’s so much “me” in this head
so much “i know” and “you don’t” –
this gestalt, this entity they call “i”
is full up, like a closet whose owner refuses
to take those old rags to the sally ann.

where is the “you”?
where is “would you like?” not “but you should”
where is the soft “you”, the other, the “thou”,
the curious, loving, patient, warm gaze
that longs to rest on the richness
of more-than-i …

right here. no need to wait.
i’ll just open my heart.

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  1. Oh, yes Mr. Fritz Perls…the man of the “here and now.” I often think about what that means and sometimes I come up with just being and not analyzing everything. Just simple be without looking forward or back…just be. Often this is difficult and is a part of mindfulness and not questions.

    I like “right here. no need to wait. i’ll just open my heart.” Remember to open your heart up to yourself and not just others. (My issue…maybe not yours.)
    .-= ClinicallyClueless´s last blog ..One Year Anniversary!! =-.

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