1. @alex – it’s a great photo story, isn’t it? it really catches the essence of an evening spent (thinking? conversing?) over a bottle of wine, perhaps late one fall evening …

    @saint, i didn’t take the picture. if you go to the link below the image, you can contact the photographer.

  2. isn’t it wonderful, how many different things we can read into a picture? i totally didn’t see the “too much” in the image but now that you mention it, i can see that angle, too. maybe we should ask the artist to see what’s behind it …

  3. Thank you for your comments on this image. I shot it in Paris in 2004. I was having dinner alone in a very quiet cafe (just the sort of French cafe you’d expect to find) and I was taking time exposure photos. The bright light in the photo was actually a candle on the table. The lens flare was added in Photoshop and I also saturated the colors and applied the “Poster Edges” filter.

    I hope you all enjoy the image.

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