1. I was just about to say, is that a cat in the foreground? This picture is like the meeting of two worlds. The foreground being a dark and mysterious world and the background being a light and open world. I wonder what sorts of magical happenings occur at this juncture.

  2. thanks for the comments, marie, cindy and nancy!

    cindy, your take on it is just like mine. the dark looking out into the light, the light shining upon the dark. what do they tell each other?

  3. Based on the calmness of the water, I think that the creatures will meet each other under peaceful terms. What will they tell each other? I think they’ll talk ask each other about what life is like on their “side” of the world.

  4. an entrancing peace! the balance is unique…a bit precious perhaps.

    ‘what do they tell each other?’

    I’m reminded of Heraclitus:
    “Nature is wont to hide herself.”

    Catatonic Kid’s last blog post..do you see Life?

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