Life Resume

The Life Resume

Sometimes it helps to write things down. Sometimes you want to write things down!

But then you buy this beautiful diary, or sit down at the computer – and nothing happens. You know you have all these stories and emotions inside you, and nothing comes out.

That’s where I can help you with the Life Resume.

The Life Resume can be like a career resume, telling the story of a particular aspect of your life in a concise way. In a career resume, the story is about work and related issues (e.g. hobbies and education). Your life resume can be about anything: your relationship with pets, the story of your triumphs as a stay-at-home mom; reminiscing on significant moments in your life; tracing your history as an immigrant leaving your country; coming to Canada and living a new life here. Anything that’s important to you is worth describing in your life resume.

The Life Resume doesn’t have to be like a career resume – it doesn’t have to be about the past (it can be about the past, present and/or future). It doesn’t need to adhere to any specific structure, although it can; it can look like any of the well-known resume formats; it can look like a mini biography. It can be in point form, a story, a dialogue …

The Life Resume is definitely not an ordinary resume. You may be the only person who’ll ever read it. On the other hand, if you want to, you can use it as a press release! It’s what you want it to be, not anyone else.

You write your own script.

Here is the process:

You talk, I listen and scribe (i.e. take notes on my computer).

If you get stuck, confused or overwhelmed by the process, I assist you in coming back to the story (unless being stuck, confused or overwhelmed seems the right place to be at that time)

After a predetermined amount of time, we can do one of the following:

(1) I just hand you my notes, typos and all – basically the raw material, and you take over from there.

(2) Or I can take however much time you would like me to spend to turn the raw material into a more organized document. That document can be anywhere from nicely laid-out notes to a polished document, ready for a press kit. It can take the form of a letter, or I can analyze it like one of the many interviews I have scrutinized in my research. The sky is the limit!

If you’re interested in getting your life resume, give me a call at 604-618-0830, or contact me here.

I also help in writing “normal” career-related resumes or other difficult-to-write personal material such as biographies or artist’s statements.

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